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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 September 2005, 15:12 GMT 16:12 UK
Zombies lie low until watershed
A scene from zombie film 'Dead Centre'
Zombies in ads have been banned from before the watershed
Zombies can only come to life after the 9pm watershed, the Irish Republic's national TV station has been told.

In a ruling on an energy drink featuring the undead, the Broadcasting Complaints Commission watchdog said it infringed advertising codes.

It said in that in particular it broke the general principle that a commercial should be "decent".

The advert, shown after 7pm on RTE, featured break-dancing zombies whose limbs fall off and whose eyes pop out.

The watchdog said the images were particularly graphic and children could be frightened.

"If one did not understand the humour of the advertisement, or even recognise that it was supposed to be humorous, the tone could be menacing and scary," the BCC said.

RTE said viewers had called to complain and, as a result, the ad was originally restricted to broadcasting after 7pm.

Lucozade said the commercial was designed to be quirky and light-hearted, and had received a positive response.

The zombie characters were a renowned movie metaphor for those who were "un-energetic" and "lifeless" and they would feel revitalised by drinking Lucozade, the company said.

Showing the ads after 7pm had been agreed with RTE, while they would be shown later, after 9pm, on channels in the United Kingdom, Lucozade said.

Zombies being raised from the dead by voodoo priests are part of Caribbean folklore and form a theme in the horror cinema genre.

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