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Last Updated: Monday, 12 September 2005, 18:58 GMT 19:58 UK
Leaders must 'back forces of law'
A bank was burned down during rioting in Newtownabbey
A bank was burned down during rioting in Newtownabbey
Community leaders in Northern Ireland must back the forces of law, Secretary of State Peter Hain has said.

He was speaking after a weekend of rioting in the city that left 50 police officers injured.

The violence started after a Protestant Orange Order parade was re-routed away from a nationalist area of west Belfast on Saturday.

Mr Hain said "responsible community and political leaders must come foursquare behind the forces of law and order".

Speaking after a briefing from Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde he said he had been shown footage of trouble at the Whiterock parade that showed Orangemen attacking police.

Sir Hugh has offered to give unionist politicians and Orange Order leaders a detailed briefing on the trouble.

At the weekend, Sir Hugh said the Order bore substantial responsibility for the rioting and attacks on his officers.

The Orange Order described his remarks as "inflammatory", but Sir Hugh rejected this.

Dawson Bailie
Dawson Bailie said the Order were not to blame for the trouble

Belfast's most senior Orangeman, County Grand Master Dawson Bailie, told the BBC on Monday that the Orange Order was not responsible for the weekend disorder.

When asked if the Order condemned the violence, he said: "As far as I'm concerned the people to blame for that are the secretary of state, the chief constable and the Parades Commission, fairly and squarely."

He added: "I'm not condemning anything at this moment in time."

A statement from the Parades Commission rejected suggestions it was to blame for the disorder which followed Saturday's Whiterock parade.

"This is entirely wrong and is a transparent attempt to shift blame from those who refused to accept the rule of law and encouraged violent protests," it said.

"Those who call people on to the streets must accept their role in the violence which follows such calls."

Mr Hain said the violence was tearing communities apart and had to stop.

"I think if leaders of the Orange Order actually saw the video I saw this morning of Orangemen taking off their collarettes and throwing rocks at the police, I think the leaders of the Orange Order would be as horrified as I was," he said.

1,000 police deployed
1,000 soldiers deployed
50 police injured
Petrol bombs thrown
Blast bombs thrown
Pipe bombs thrown
Shots fired at police
Seven firearms recovered
Up to 500 plastic bullets fired
Bomb factory found
Water cannon deployed
Cars and buses hijacked
One man shot by Army
Man critical after bomb blast

Mr Hain also confirmed that he will be making an announcement in the coming days regarding the status of the Ulster Volunteer Force ceasefire.

At least 18 police officers were hurt in the second night of rioting in Belfast and counties Antrim and Down, including Newtownabbey, Banbridge, Glengormley and Bangor.

At one point a mob of about 700 in east Belfast hurled petrol bombs and opened fire on the security forces.

Vehicles were hijacked and burned across the city in the worst rioting for years.


Police put on show a Land Rover with bullets embedded in the side following weekend attacks by loyalist gunmen.

Six of those arrested during the weekend have appeared at Belfast Magistrates Court on charges of riotous assembly and riotous behaviour.

Four were remanded in custody and the other two were released on bail.

Another four people arrested in Ballymena after disturbances on Sunday have been remanded in custody by magistrates in Coleraine.

Roads Service and local council staff have been clearing roads of debris left by the rioting.

One man was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm after an incident when soldiers fired live ammunition in the Broadway area of Belfast. He has since been arrested for attempted murder.

Caleb Moore was injured when his father's car was attacked
Caleb Moore was injured when his father's car was attacked

Twenty one-month-old infant Caleb Moore sustained a fractured skull when rioters stoned the car the toddler was travelling in the Fortwilliam area on Saturday night.

His father, Robert, said rioters had no reason at all to attack his car.

"People who did this had no idea who was in the car, it was just an excuse for violence," he added.

Two men hijacked a bus in Bangor, County Down, robbed the passengers then ordered them off the bus before setting it alight on a housing estate.

A number of other cars were then hijacked and used to block roads at Conlig between Bangor and Newtownards.

In Bangor, a woman in her 70s was injured when she was attacked by a mob throwing stones at her car on Newtownards Road, just 500 metres from her home.

Officers in east Belfast recovered a digger abandoned by rioters who drove it along a road knocking down street lights and causing extensive damage.

Footage of the rioting in Belfast

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