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Last Updated: Friday, 28 January, 2005, 16:12 GMT
Jobs threat at electronics firm
Computer worker
The firm has a total workforce of 93 in the town
More than 80 jobs at an electronics factory in Newtownards in County Down are under threat.

Humax Electronics said it was looking at the viability of its operations in Europe and had plans to centralise all its production in Poland.

The firm has a total workforce of 93 in the town - and said 81 of this staff faced the possibility of redundancy.

The company said that before reaching a decision it would be consulting with the workforce and trade unions.

It said it was "evaluating the financial viability" of its European production due to dramatic increases to competitive pressures in the consumer electronics marketplace.

Company managing director Jung Huh said: "It has become extremely difficult to maintain a profitable business, in a marketplace where our main competitors are able to significantly undercut us on price.

"This is not a decision which we will be taking lightly, and if we have to make employees redundant, then we will proceed as quickly and as sensitively as possible."

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