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Doctor contests Westminster seat
Dr Kieran Deeny polled more than 6,000 votes in West Tyrone
Dr Kieran Deeny polled more than 6,000 votes in West Tyrone
A Tyrone doctor who won an assembly seat over a campaign for better health services is to stand in the general election.

Dr Kieran Deeny declared his intention in Omagh on Monday, saying he wanted to fight for better health services.

In the 5 May election, Dr Deeny is hoping to take the seat from the current MP for Tyrone West, Sinn Fein's Pat Doherty.

However, Dr Deeny called on all other political parties to stand aside.

He wants them to allow him to represent the constituency.

The doctor topped the poll in the Northern Ireland Assembly election of November 2003, when he stood as an independent assembly member for West Tyrone.

He was the surprise package when he won a seat on a single issue ticket to save hospital services in Omagh.

In February 2004, he talked about setting up his own party.

"If I simply am seen as a protest vote, I will get nowhere," he said at that time.

"We are trying to achieve an objective and do it politically. Already we are a party, a coalition, working towards a just objective. There is a danger in being single issue, being limited and excluded.

"If becoming a political party is what it takes to be recognised and to be respected and to have some weight in an assembly, then we will do that."

Since his election, Dr Deeny has been at the centre of a campaign to reverse the decision of former Health Minister Des Browne to remove acute hospital services from Tyrone.

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