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Last Updated: Monday, 29 August 2005, 17:36 GMT 18:36 UK
Crowd launches unionist campaign
Paper will "promote unionist and loyalist views"
About 200 people, including loyalists, have gathered in Larne for the launch of a newspaper to "promote unionist and loyalist views".

The organisers of the "Love Ulster Campaign" claim they will deliver 200,000 copies of the special edition of the Shankill Mirror across NI.

The campaign has the backing of victims' groups and loyalists.

Orange Order grand master Robert Saulters said he hoped members would support the campaign.

"When you look back at the victims within our institution we have grieved 304 members, and half of those weren't involved in security force work," Mr Saulters said.

"I would welcome and hope that if we can get the whole Protestant, loyalist people together, that this will be given a great go because we need to stick together."

Ashley Graham, whose father Kenny was murdered by the IRA in 1990, also voiced her support.

"We feel the IRA have gotten away with it. They can get on with their lives but not a day goes by without us having to remember," she said.

"People in our situation are angry and feel something should be done."

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