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Last Updated: Monday, 22 August 2005, 07:34 GMT 08:34 UK
Rival groups clash in city riot
Stones and bricks were thrown in north Belfast
Loyalist and nationalist youths have clashed during rioting in north Belfast.

About 100 youths were involved in the violence which began shortly before 2200 BST on Sunday in the Ardoyne Road/Alliance Avenue area.

Missiles were thrown and windows in a number of homes were smashed.

The trouble moved towards the Ardoyne shop fronts. Police said they worked with community leaders and calm was restored at about 0100 BST.

Sinn Fein councillor Margaret McLenaghan condemned those responsible for the violence.

Mrs McLenaghan said that whoever the perpetrators were, they were not representative of the Ardoyne community.

"What they are doing is wrong and they need to stop it because somebody is going to be killed here," she said.

Sunday's violence follows clashes between about 400 nationalists and loyalists during several hours of rioting in east Belfast the previous day.

One man was hurt and up to five shots were heard during those disturbances.

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