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Thin Lizzy's Lynott back in town
Phil's mother Philomena unveiled the statue
Phil's mother Philomena unveiled the statue
A statue commemorating one of Ireland's greatest ever musicians has been unveiled in Dublin.

Phil Lynott finally returned to 'The Old Town' when the memorial was erected off the city's busy Grafton Street.

Lynott died aged 36 of heart failure in a Wiltshire clinic in January 1986, after years of battling drug addiction.

Many of the rock legend's friends and fellow musicians turned up to see the memorial to the former Thin Lizzy frontman.

The sculpture, by Paul Daly, was cast in bronze by Leo Higgins.

Phil's mother Philomena, who unveiled the statue, said: "It is the proudest day in my life. For over 20 years I have been looking forward to it.

"I am happy with the statue, I love it, I spent many days down at the foundry advising him. We walked in a few times and we took a chisel out to make sure he got his chin right."

She added: "I love him forever and I will miss him forever. Life is awful without him but knowing all these people are loving him the way they do, they are like a big woolly cloak around me.

Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy performing on Top of the Pops
Phil Lynott formed Thin Lizzy in Dublin in 1971

"They write to me telling me how much they love him and miss him. I am not alone in missing him."

Phil was born in Birmingham, but brought up in the Crumlin area of Dublin.

A tribute concert took place on Saturday at Dublin's Point Theatre featuring former bandmates and friends - Gary Moore, Eric Bell, Brian Downey, Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson and Brush Shiels.

Saturday would have been Phil's 56th birthday.

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