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Jack and Katie top baby name list
Newborn baby
Almost 3,000 different names were used for babies last year
Jack and Katie were the most popular first names given to boys and girls born in Northern Ireland during 2004.

According to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, Katie knocked Emma off the top spot for girls.

However, Jack and Matthew remained the two most popular boys names, a position they have held for five years.

James moved from fourth place in 2003 to third last year. It is the only name from the top ten names of children in 1975 which remains in the list.

1. Jack
2. Matthew
3. James
4. Adam
5. Daniel
6. Ben
7. Ryan
8. Dylan
9. Conor
10. Jamie

Last year, there were about 1,700 girls names and 1,200 boys names used.

In 1996, almost one in four children were given a name from the top 10.

However, last year this was down to one fifth, with parents becoming more diverse in their choice of names.

The boys' name Aodhan rose in popularity from 132 to 86th and Cormac went up from 79 in 2003 to 41 last year.

However, the names Jordan and Taylor for boys both slumped in the rankings.

For girls, Kaitlin rose from 185 to 92 and Faith went from 147 to 71 in the list.

But Rachael fell from 55 to 92 and Kate slumped from 86 to 117 despite the success of Katie.

1. Katie
2. Emma
3. Ellie
4. Sophie
5. Amy
6. Sarah
7. Chloe
8. Niamh
9. Aimee
10. Rachel

Across Northern Ireland, Jack was the most popular name in all health board areas except Eastern where Matthew was preferred.

For girls, Katie was most popular everywhere except the Western health board area where Emma topped the list.

Caitlin and Aoife were also in the top five girls' names in the Western area.

Almost 90% of boys and 85% of girls registered last year were given an additional forename.

James, John, Joseph, Thomas, Patrick and William were the most popular second names for boys.

Elizabeth, Louise, Marie, Mary, and Rose were the favourite second names for girls.

Jack and Emma top names list
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