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Last Updated: Monday, 8 August 2005, 12:10 GMT 13:10 UK
Victim's family seeking justice
Craig McCausland
Craig McCausland died after being shot in Dhu Varren Park
The family of a victim of the loyalist feud have begun a campaign to bring his killers to justice.

Three men burst into the home Craig McCausland, 20, shared with his partner and her children in north Belfast and fatally wounded him on 11 July.

His family blamed the Ulster Volunteer Force and denied he was involved with the Loyalist Volunteer Force.

His cousin, Nichola McIlvenny, said that they wanted people to co-operate with police.

"They say people are willing to speak to them, but are unwilling to make statements - people are scared in the area and we are trying to urge them to come forward," she said.

Loyalists killed Craig's mother, Lorraine, when he was aged two and his family have said that he would never have got involved with paramilitaries.

So far three people have died as a result of the loyalist feud.

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