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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 August 2005, 17:35 GMT 18:35 UK
Gay Pride protesters claim abuse
One of the floats at the Belfast Gay Pride march
Some of the participants in the Belfast Gay Pride march
Protesters against a gay rights parade in Belfast say they will be seeking sanctions against it next year because of the behaviour of some marchers.

The Stop the Parades Coalition, which failed to get the Parades Commission to ban it, said some participants broke agreed guidelines by shouting abuse.

The organisers of the Gay Pride march said it was the most successful yet, with over 4,500 people taking part.

Police said there were no reports of any trouble during the parade.

One of the parade participants

Stop the Parades Coalition spokesman James Dowson said they were called "bigots and religious fundamentalist murderers" by some marchers.

"We will be going down the avenue next year of hopefully getting sanctions applied to the parade to make sure they fall into the confines," he said.

"We are doing what we said we would do - unfortunately they have broken their word and behaved in a very inappropriate way again."

Parade steward Andrew David Clarke said he felt the 15th annual Gay Pride march had passed off peacefully.

"I do understand people have different concerns about it," he said.

"Thankfully today we have been able to have our peaceful, fun parade, the protests have gone extremely peacefully, and I would commend everybody on the ground."

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