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Last Updated: Friday, 10 June 2005, 10:52 GMT 11:52 UK
Jackson pilgrim awaits verdict
A Michael Jackson fan from Londonderry is among the hundreds of devotees of the singer waiting the verdict in the popstar's trial in California.

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Michael Jackson fan Sean O'Kane

Sean O'Kane, who has taken leave from his job as a race relations worker in Liverpool to attend the climax of the trial, is convinced of his idol's innocence.

"If he is convicted then it is a crime against humanity," he said. "There is too much reasonable doubt."

The jury has been out for five days as the world awaits to find out if Michael Jackson will be convicted of child abuse charges.

The 46-year-old singer denies all the charges.

Twenty-three-year-old Mr O'Kane told BBC Radio Ulster he had been following events in Santa Barbara for a long time.

He attended the trial for two weeks in April and returned a week ago for its culmination.

"Everybody's quite confident of Michael's acquittal though its got to the stage where people are on the edge of their seats

"It's very difficult to guess when the verdict is coming.

"It is now coming to an end and his fate is in the hands of 12 strangers."

He said many fans were unhappy with much of the media reporting of the trial.

"Fans can pinpoint one or two things that they've got incorrect or which haven't been consistent. People have been questioning why this ever did go to trial in the first place.

He said if the star was convicted fans would continue to campaign for him.


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