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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 November, 2004, 15:21 GMT
Life on the thin blue line
A new BBC television documentary series aims to look behind the headlines to highlight the human face of day-to-day policing in Londonderry.

Brawl in Derry city centre
The series follows police tackling a wide range of offences
Derry City Beat charts the progress of officers around the city as they deal with a range of crimes.

One officer is filmed admitting, "I would be lying if I didn't say I was scared," before being sent to tackle a group of disruptive drunks.

Crimes faced by the police in the six-part series include violent assaults and drug busts.

The first episode follows officers as they deal with a rowdy house party, a drunk driver who took a shortcut through a neighbour's fence and a dramatic rescue from a burning building.

Series producer Anne Stirling said this was the first time that anyone had got this sort of access to officers working in Foyle District Command.

Day-to-day threats

"We follow the police officers dealing with problems that are not necessarily of a sectarian or a 'security' nature but the serious anti-social behaviours such as car crime and drug dealing that are the day-to-day threats facing local communities," she said.

"Our cameras followed the officers connected with the five stations over a period of approximately six months and got exclusive access to their policing duties both on the beat and in the stations, such as the custody suite that had previously been off limits."

The series, made for BBC Northern Ireland by Stirling Productions, starts on BBC One at 2240 GMT on Wednesday evening.


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