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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 July, 2004, 06:51 GMT 07:51 UK
Motorway plans on show
Cars on motorway
Motorways can be a source of congestion

Plans are going on display to show proposals for widening the M2 motorway in Northern Ireland.

The exhibition in County Antrim will illustrate how an extra lane is to be added to the M2 between Sandyknowles and Greencastle.

However, work will not begin on the project until 2007 at the earliest.

Joe Drew from the Department for Regional Development said other measures were in place to ease congestion in the meantime.

"Currently, we have a scheme under construction which will provide a bus lane coming off Sandyknowles Road onto the M2," he said.

"If people would do a switch from cars to buses they would notice an immediate improvement.

"In the longer run, we hope to widen the M2 from two lanes to three lanes going citybound.

"This will involve the reconstruction of three bridges over the M2 as well as the provision of a lane as far as Greencastle."

The plans are going on public display on Wednesday and Thursday at the Valley Leisure Centre in Newtownabbey.

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