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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 June, 2004, 06:30 GMT 07:30 UK
ASBOs 'could end flyposting'
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Tidy NI said record companies were to blame
Plans to introduce new Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, known as ASBOs, could put an end to illegal flyposting.

Camden Council in London has already targeted executives at major record companies who pay people to put up posters like many in Belfast city centre.

Now environmental group Tidy Northern Ireland is urging the government to extend the order to cover the issue to the province.

The group's Ian Cole said it would allow councils to fine the people responsible for all sorts of unsightly graffiti and flyposting.

ASBOs keep offenders away from the neighbourhoods where they cause most trouble - with ban breakers facing up to five years in prison.

Mr Cole said: "Across the water, ASBOs have been used responsibly and imaginatively, with the net result being that everyone from graffiti artists to owners who've allowed their dogs to foul, have been stopped in their tracks.

"The express aim of the orders is to protect the community against people who cause distress and alarm by restricting their criminal actions and naming and shaming them publicly - and in other parts of the UK, that's exactly what they've done."

He said Camden had been the biggest success so far.

A recent survey of Northern Ireland revealed illegal ads were a significant problem in places such as Dungannon, Belfast and Craigavon, said Mr Cole.

"Many people believe it's local promoters, unsigned bands or political groups who do the most posting. It isn't.

"The main culprits are large record labels who smear their posters all over our towns and get us to pay to clean them up.

"Councils across England are now queuing up to serve ASBOs on these companies and this is driving flyposterers out of town. Let's now see that happen here."

Music chiefs' anti social orders
01 Jun 04  |  London

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