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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 June, 2004, 08:12 GMT 09:12 UK
Computer 'sick' days revealed
E-mail inbox
Unwanted mail regularly clogs people's inboxes
Personal computers in Northern Ireland take more sick days than their owners, according to research.

The average computer has nine sick days a year, six of which are wasted while their owners battle junk e-mail and three days are lost due to viruses.

By comparison, workers take an average of seven sick days a year.

According to research commissioned by Yahoo, the cost to the UK economy is 6.7bn a year, with 2% of the average worker's wage wasted on spam fighting chores.

It said that 70% of users in Northern Ireland had fallen victim to a computer virus over the past year.

Only 46% were aware that computers get viruses by opening attachments, while only 17% knew that you can get a virus by downloading a file.

The research was commissioned as part of Yahoo's Global Anti Spam Day initiative.


It also indicated that more than three quarters of people in Northern Ireland (79%) deleted any spam they received.

More than half (53%) have asked their ISP or e-mail provider to do something about it and some 16% of users in Northern Ireland still reply to spammers.

The stress of spam has resulted in many becoming "e-mad," or having e-mail affliction distress.

It said some 42% considered the daily chore of dealing with junk e-mails more stressful than the daily traffic jam, while 30% would be willing to exercise five times a week to get rid of spam for good.

According to the centre for stress management, symptoms of e-mad syndrome include twitching in front of the PC, irritability and sleeplessness.

The research also suggested that if Spam takes over a person's e-mails, his or her social lives would suffer.

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