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Last Updated: Friday, 15 October, 2004, 17:48 GMT 18:48 UK
Ex-soldiers jailed for sex abuse
Two former soldiers from County Antrim have been jailed for a total of 26 years on sex abuse charges.

Former UDR soldier Dermot James Wade, 44, and his cousin, Dennis McCalmount jnr, 42, an ex-regular soldier, were convicted of 29 offences against children in the 1970s.

The pair are both from a rural area outside Ballymoney in County Antrim.

At Ballymena Crown Court on Friday, Judge David Smyth praised the victims for coming forward.

He said they had done so out of "concern for others".

Wade was convicted of 13 sex offences including gross and indecent assaults on a boy and two young girls, including his own half-sister as well as a serious sexual assault on two young brothers.

Outside the court, Wade's half-sister spoke to reporters about the case.

I feel pity for him, even though he has shown no remorse
Abuse victim

Jailing Wade for 14 years, the judge said his crimes were all the more serious because of the "savage nature" of his attacks and his "lack of remorse" for his victims.

Judge Smyth told Wade his abuse of the schoolboys, when he too was initially a schoolboy, was "determined, deliberate and merciless".

He said it was motivated, not by "homosexuality - but out of lust".

McCalmount, who first began abusing others when he was only 13, was convicted of 16 charges including the serious sex abuse of two brothers, whom he also indecently assaulted, and the indecent assault of a young girl.

Jailing McCalmount for 12 years, Judge Smyth said he was guilty of the "systematic abuse, over a number of years, of a number of youngsters".

He said that abuse could "best be described as sexual bullying of the worst kind".

Judge Smyth told McCalmount that he had "not shown the least remorse" and had sought only "to evade responsibility" for the trauma and distress he had caused.

The two men were put on the sex offenders' register for life.

Wade's half-brother, Norman Wilson, 36, a former TA soldier, also from the Ballymoney area, was given two years probation after he admitted "groping" a young man on two occasions.

Judge Symth praised the determination and courage of their victims, in particular one of them who brought the abuse to light.

He added that despite the trauma and heartache suffered by him and the other victims, their limited recovery was "an indication that human beings can cope with adversary".

He said tribute should be paid to them for the encouragement they could give others in coming forward and the knowledge they had been vindicated.

Outside the court, one of Wade's victims waived her right to anonimity to speak about the case.

His half-sister Dorothy Davison said despite her anger, she still felt "pity" for him.

She said Wade first began abusing her when she was only seven and he was six years older.

"I am quite happy with the sentence," she said.

"I feel pity for him, even though he has shown no remorse. At the end of the day, after all, he is my brother, part of my family."

BBC NI's Yvette Shapiro reports
"This is a very sad case of sexual abuse, brutality, family rifts and divisions"


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