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Last Updated: Monday, 24 May, 2004, 20:53 GMT 21:53 UK
Bomb explodes on city street
The explosion happened at a house in London Street
A bomb has exploded in east Belfast amid fears of violence linked to a loyalist paramilitary feud.

It happened at a semi-detached house on the London Road between the Ravenhill and Woodstock Roads at about 1610 BST on Monday.

It is understood there was no-one in the house at the time and no-one was injured.

The device went off in the front room and caused extensive damage to the interior of the house.

It is not known if the bomb is linked to the loyalist feud.

The area was cordoned off as army bomb experts, the Fire Brigade and police examined the scene.

The explosion follows two bomb attacks blamed on the Ulster Volunteer Force in east Belfast at the weekend.

The attack happened just hours after the funeral of a senior Loyalist Volunteer Force man shot dead in the city last week.

Brian Stewart, 34, was killed on his way to work at a plumbing firm in the city.

Meanwhile, people at the Ballybeen estate in Dundonald have been warned to look out for a pipe bomb.

It follows an anonymous warning.

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