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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 May, 2004, 14:29 GMT 15:29 UK
UUP candidate: Jim Nicholson
Jim Nicholson
Jim Nicholson: UUP candidate
Background: Jim Nicholson is the only candidate in the race who has served as an MEP and is one of two unionists in the field.

He has highlighted his experience in Strasbourg and has worked closely with other MEPs from Northern Ireland to achieve peace funding.

He has also served on several committees in the parliament including agriculture and transport.

He was recently one of many Euro MPs accused by an Austrian colleague of taking advantage of the allowances paid by the European Parliament to members who sign in for a Friday session before heading home.

Mr Nicholson dismissed any suggestion of wrong-doing. "The president of the European Parliament made it clear everything that members do was being checked out and is totally above board."

In Parliament, Mr Nicholson voted against the draft constitution, and the euro, out of concern for UK sovereignty. He describes himself as a Euro-realist.

Electoral record: served as Euro MP for 15 years, previously MP for Newry and Armagh (1983-86), former assembly member (1982-86).

Key issues:

  • Concerned about creation of a European super-state
  • Opposed to the euro and the draft European constitution
  • Pledges to work for more peace funding, better infrastructure and non-cooperation with Sinn Fein in Europe if the party is elected, while the IRA remains active.

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