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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 September, 2004, 07:39 GMT 08:39 UK
Blaze destroys social club
Firefighters spray building
Firefighters damp down smouldering building
Firefighters have brought a blaze in a building in north Belfast under control.

The fire broke out early on Tuesday at the Old Blue Supporters Club on the Crumlin Road.

Six fire engines and two hydraulic platforms were used to bring the blaze under control despite high winds.

It is not yet known how the blaze began.

The building, used as a social club, has been destroyed.

Traffic was diverted away from the area.

Assistant Divisional Commander Stephen Stewart said the bad weather had made the operation difficult.

"It was a serious fire due to the high winds in the area, which caused embers and sparks to cover a large area of the bottom of the Crumlin Road," he said.

"We had to cover this with another appliance and it was causing us concern for other properties in the area."

BBC NI's Maggie Swarbrick reports
"Sparks were flying, threatening nearby buildings"

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