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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 April, 2004, 16:02 GMT 17:02 UK
No details of IRA's Libyan arms
Details of arms provided to the IRA by Libya have not been released
The government is refusing to disclose what detailed information it has on the quantity of arms and explosives supplied by Libya to the IRA over the past 30 years.

Security Minister Ian Pearson says he does not believe it is appropriate for the government to comment on the information which is only available from intelligence sources.

In recent weeks, the prime minister and the Northern Ireland Secretary have refused to be drawn on Conservative and Unionist questions about whether Libya has provided more details concerning IRA arms.

Mr Pearson was responding to a written parliamentary question from the Ulster Unionist MP David Burnside.

He reminded Mr Burnside that General De Chastelain's Decommissioning Commission would provide an inventory of the arms it has put out of use when its task is completed.

The Conservative Party's Northern Ireland spokesman, David Lidington, said he feared Tony Blair did not raise the matter when he met Colonel Gaddaffi in Libya.

Mr Lidington said he believed it would have been helpful for the political process if the government had been able to confirm that it had passed a detailed estimate of Libyan supplies to the IRA onto General De Chastelain.

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