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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 September, 2004, 12:38 GMT 13:38 UK
Family escape bomb attack
Petrol bombed house
One petrol bomb just missed a bedroom window
The family of an SDLP assembly member has escaped injury in a petrol bomb attack in Londonderry.

Two devices were thrown at Pat Ramsey's home in Meenan Drive in the city at about 2300 BST on Tuesday.

Mr Ramsey's wife and children were in the house at the time of the attack - the eighth time he has been targeted.

One of the bombs exploded outside his youngest daughter's bedroom window.

However, he said he would not give way to intimidation.

Mr Ramsey, the nationalist SDLP leader on Derry City Council, said "lethal weapons" had been aimed at his family.

Those behind this ugly campaign will not break down Pat Ramsey's resolve
Mark Durkan
SDLP leader

"Two petrol bombs hit the house just under my child's bedroom. It is thanks to my neighbours, who rushed out with water in any container available, that no one was injured.

"I would like to acknowledge their brave actions and thank them from my heart."

On Wednesday, the SDLP said party members had been targeted more than 50 times since the beginning of last year with most of the attacks happening in the north west of the province.

A total of 14 homes have been attacked, some with petrol bombs and pipe bombs, it said.

It also said other incidents had included hoax bomb alerts, graffiti, bullets in the post and cars being damaged.

Overcome by fumes

SDLP leader Mark Durkan said the attacks on Mr Ramsey were "a futile attempt to intimidate him" but were also "torture for his family".

Pat Ramsey
Pat Ramsey said he would not be intimidated
"As well as bringing stress to his family, they bring anxiety and disruption for his neighbours," he said.

"Those behind this ugly campaign will not break down Pat Ramsey's resolve. They are only showing their own political and moral bankruptcy.

"We may not know who they are, but we know exactly what they are."

Last month, Mr Ramsey's three-year old daughter was overcome by fumes after two hooded men ran into his Londonderry office and sprayed a substance into the air.

In June, a suspect device was discovered in the front garden of Mr Ramsey's home in the Bogside area of the city. It was later declared a hoax.

Mr Ramsey also said he was the target of a device thrown at his neighbour's house in February. It was later declared a hoax.

SDLP assembly member Pat Ramsey
"There have been a series of incidents that have caused me grave concern"

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