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Last Updated: Friday, 3 September 2004, 14:42 GMT 15:42 UK
BBC NI programmes on the internet
Most of BBC Northern Ireland's news and current affairs programmes on television and radio are available on the internet.

Television news programmes are streamed live and are then available on demand until the next edition is broadcast.

You should use the Real PlayerOne to view these. This can be downloaded from the Real Player website.

All Radio Ulster programmes are streamed live and hourly news bulletins are available on demand.

Television news programmes:

BBC Newsline at 1830 GMT is Northern Ireland's flagship television news programme, bringing in-depth coverage of news and sport around the province and often from further afield, Monday-Friday.

  Click here to watch.

BBC Newsline at 1330 GMT is the lunchtime television news programme which brings in a consistantly high audience - a fast-moving round-up of the morning's news, sport and weather, Monday-Friday.

  Click here to watch.

BBC Newsline at 2225 GMT is the late evening television news programme, looking back at the day's news and sport from around the province, Monday-Friday.

  Click here to watch.

Television Current Affairs:

Hearts and Minds, BBC Northern Ireland's weekly political discussion and analysis programme presented by award-winning journalist Noel Thompson.

  Click here to watch.

Let's Talk is BBC Northern Ireland's main television current affairs discussion programme. Presented monthly by Mark Carruthers, it tackles controversial issues with a panel of senior commentators before an invited audience of up to 100 people.

  Click here to watch.

Radio programmes:

Good Morning Ulster is Radio Ulster's agenda-setting breakfast news programme.

Presented by regulars, Wendy Austin, Seamus McKee and Conor Bradford, it attracts one of BBC Northern Ireland's biggest radio audiences with its essential mix of news, current affairs, sport, weather and traffic reports.

Listen to the programme live on Radio Ulster between 0630-0900 Monday-Friday.

  Click here to listen.

Evening Extra - broadcast on Radio Ulster between 1700-1900 Monday-Friday - is a comprehensive news and current magazine which rounds up the main stories of the day. Presented by Karen Patterson or Mark Carruthers, it also features sport, finance and the arts scene in Northern Ireland.

Click on the link below to listen live at 1700 GMT.

  Click here to listen.

Talk Back Monday to Friday from 1200-1330, is Northern Ireland's award winning radio phone-in programme presented by David Dunseith. Listeners can contribute to the Talkback message board or vote on the issue of the day.

To listen live to Radio Ulster at midday GMT, click on the following link.

  Click here to listen.

If you happen to miss an edition, you can also listen to Talkback on demand.

  Click here to listen.

You can also hear The Best of Talk Back broadcast each Saturday from 1200 to 1300.

  Click here to listen.

Inside Politics - Political editor Mark Devenport presents his weekly look at the Northern Ireland political scene.

The programme, which has put Northern Ireland's leading politicians through their paces since the 1970s, is broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster at 1245 on Saturdays.

  Click here to listen live.

  Click here to listen to a recorded version.

Radio Ulster News bulletins. Catch up with the day's news stories from Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and around the world on BBC Radio Ulster.

They are broadcast on the hour between 0700 and midnight, seven days a week. This link will take you to the last bulletin.

  Click here to listen.

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