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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 August, 2004, 20:09 GMT 21:09 UK
Wasps prompt call out rise
Nests have been keeping pest controllers busy
Pest controllers in Northern Ireland have received hundreds of calls from householders worried about swarms of wasps.

It appears southern areas and mid Ulster are the worst hit.

There have been hundreds of call-outs for pest controllers in the area stretching from Dungannon in County Tyrone to Newry in County Down.

They are so busy, callers are having to wait up to a week to have nests destroyed.

Pest control officers say they are being rushed off their feet - wiping them out.

Pest controller Francie Gilleece said: "We have been quite busy over the past number of weeks.

"In the last week we would have been attending to about 10 wasps' nests a day... we have seven calls in today so far."

Councils have been inundated with calls from homes and businesses across the west.

Robert Forde of Fermanagh District Council said: "Certainly this year, to date, we would have had more wasps' nests than we would have had for the whole of last year.

"We would still be expecting to have quite a few nests treated coming into the end of August and September."

There has also been an increase in the number of people needing hospital treatment for stings.

Dr Samuel McBride of the Erne Hospital said: "The worst we have had - not so much multiple stings - are people drinking soft drinks from cups and a wasp being in a cup and being stung on the tongue or the lip.

"They are in danger and they need to be admitted for observation and given appropriate drug treatment."

BBC NI's Daryl Grimason:
"Councils have been inundated with calls from homes and businesses right across the west"

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