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Last Updated: Friday, 13 August, 2004, 17:12 GMT 18:12 UK
Police contact bomb relatives
The bomb, which exploded on 8 November 1987, killed 11
The bomb, which exploded on 8 November 1987, killed 11
The police have begun contacting families of those murdered and injured in the Enniskillen Poppy Day Bombing in 1987.

The move was revealed by Detective Chief Superintendant Phil Wright after he met with Aileen Quinton, the daughter of one of the victims.

She met senior detectives to discuss the investigation into the atrocity on Friday.

Eleven people were killed in the IRA explosion in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, on 8 November 1987. The blast injured 63 people, many of whom have never fully recovered.

The IRA said they had meant to kill a colour party of British soldiers who were due to take part in the ceremony, but most casualties were civilians.

Aileen Quinton, who lost her mother Alberta in the bomb, met senior police officers on Friday to discuss the case and ask why no one has been charged.

Ms Quinton was accompanied to the meeting by DUP assembly member Arlene Foster.

Afterwards, Ms Quinton said she was glad the meeting had taken place.

She said she had not got all the answers to her questions, but felt the meeting had kick-started a process to put the atrocity back in the spotlight.

Aileen Quinton lost her mother in the bombing
Earlier, Ms Quinton, who has returned to Enniskillen on holiday, said she was determined that those killed on Remembrance Day must not be forgotten.

"We have had had very little information from the police about anything that may or may not have been done at that time, or even since," she said.

"So, I am just trying to look for some answers, because it still matters.

"And people, I think, have actually forgotten that nobody was brought to justice for the Enniskillen bomb."

The Enniskillen bombing had extra impact as it happened on Remembrance Sunday - the day when those who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars are remembered.

BBC NI's Daryl Grimason:
"Ms Quinton was accompanied to the meeting by DUP assembly member Arlene Foster"

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