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Last Updated: Monday, 8 March, 2004, 16:23 GMT
Camped out for Big Brother bid
Doris who will not reveal her identity has been camping on the street
Doris who will not reveal her identity has been camping on the street

It takes more than the freezing cold of a Belfast winter to deter wannabe celebrities who are determined to star in a reality TV show.

One woman is so eager to star in the fifth series of Big Brother, that she has set up camp outside a hotel where auditions are being held.

Thirty-something "Doris", who is keeping her identity under-wraps, has been living under canvas for almost a week in the hope of catching the eye of one of the show's producers.

"I have been a huge fan of the show, watched it since day one. It's not for everybody, but I just thought it would be for me, " said Belfast-born "Doris".

"I thought it was something I could fit into very easily and enjoy. Different people have different things in their life that they want to do. I want to go into Big Brother."

Doris had a sign especially made
Doris had a sign especially made
The production team will be selecting people from the queue at the Holiday Inn to go through to the next stage of the auditions.

Amongst other things, those selected will enter a diary room where they will be be asked to sell themselves to Big Brother for one minute.

Doris believes she has got what it takes as she has "about 10 different personalities".

She added: "My friends say if I get onto Big Brother none of them will go to work because they'll be afraid to miss anything. I'm just one of those people who enjoys herself and goes with the moment, and am up for a laugh... to a degree."

Despite the cold, the warmth of the passers-by have kept Doris' spirits high.

"I've met personalities of all sorts - young, old, in between - and they have just been fantastic," she said.

"A guy down the street brings me a surprise everyday. The tent is full of stuff.

"It's been really nice to sit here and meet people. They would feel really proud, if I get into the Big Brother house. They they could say: 'We know her.'"

Staff in the hotel have also been very kind to the wanna-be star, letting her use the showers and filling up her hot water bottle.

But despite the fact she has become a local celebrity, she is determined to keep her identity a secret.

"I want to be able to walk down the street next week, without people saying: "There's that nutcase who was sitting outside the Holiday Inn."

'Thrown towel in'

So what if she does not get an audition?

"They have to do me the courtesy of giving me an audition after sitting out here for a week," she said.

"You just never know, I could be that one in a million but I might not be what they're looking for."

Her marathon sit-out is also raising hundreds of pounds for a Multiple Sclerosis charity.

"This is the most adventurous thing I've ever done. I've never camped out in my life and I don't intend to ever do it again. It's not for me!

"Because it was for charity that's what's kept me going. I think I would have thrown the towel in because it's been cold, very cold."

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