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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 February, 2004, 11:55 GMT
Irish documents 'illegally dumped'
Illegal dump site
As many as two illegal dump sites are found each week
Confidential documents from the Irish Department of Justice have been found in an illegal dump in County Tyrone.

The documents were uncovered at the site in Eskragh among thousands of tonnes of household and commercial waste.

A briefing paper from the Department of Justice in Dublin about a proposed meeting with the Department of Finance was among the 34 pages of documents discovered.

It comes after the BBC learned last week that the Department of Environment in Northern Ireland had set up a special team to tackle growing levels of illegal dumping from across the Irish border.

The Department said it was uncovering up to two illegal sites in Northern Ireland each week, containing tens of thousands of tonnes of waste from homes and businesses across the Irish Republic.

BBC Northern Ireland environment correspondent Mike McKimm said some of the companies being paid to take the waste to proper landfill sites in the south were simply taking it across the border at night to dump it in fields and bogs.

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