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Last Updated: Monday, 8 December, 2003, 07:21 GMT
Women's party to fight on
Monica McWilliams
Monica McWilliams lost her South Belfast seat in last month's election
The Northern Ireland Women's Coalition has decided to remain in politics despite losing its two assembly seats in last month's election.

The party's future had been in doubt after party leader Monica McWilliams and Jane Morrice lost their places in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The cross-community, pro-Agreement party was formed to give women a voice in Northern Ireland politics.

Founded in 1996, it does not take a position on whether Northern Ireland should be British or Irish.

Party activists agreed at the weekend to continue following "a frank, honest and constructive discussion about the way ahead".

We called on the electorate to change the face of politics and we must be prepared ourselves to face change in the political situation
Women's Coalition statement
The Women's Coalition said in a statement that the views of thousands of people who had voted for them needed to be heard and promoted.

It said: "Our role as a cross-community, non-sectarian, progressive political party is vital and will continue in the future.

"We called on the electorate to change the face of politics and we must be prepared ourselves to face change in the political situation."

The party said it would consider the options for advancing its political agenda ahead of its annual conference next March.

The Women's Coalition has been regarded by some commentators as a small but significant moderating influence in Northern Ireland politics.

Many of its members come from a trade union or community activist background, while others draw on experience from careers as health professsionals or in the field of education.

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