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Last Updated: Friday, 17 October, 2003, 19:06 GMT 20:06 UK
Residents to fight runway plan
City of Derry Airport
Up to 200,000 people travelled through the airport last year
Residents living next to the City of Derry airport are to fight off attempts to demolish their homes.

Councillors in the city claim the houses have to go to to make way for a longer runway.

Five years ago just over 50,000 people travelled through the airport.

That figure increased dramatically when Ryanair began its Stansted service a year later.

Over 200,000 people used the airport last year - 60% of that business on Ryanair flights.

The company is now upgrading its fleet and claims its larger planes need a longer runway.

The council's airport committee agrees.

There really is no necessity at all to demolish this whole area and affect so many people
Kieron O'Brien

"We don't want to lose them which is understandable," said councillor William Hay, who is also the Airport Committee Chairperson.

"But this is not just being done solely for Ryanair.

"If we are really genuine about wanting to grow the airport, the only way to grow the airport is to extend the runway and to extend the other facilities."

Up to 15 homes in the area are facing demolition.

Residents say up to 60 people would be forced out and a way of life ruined.

"We are disgusted really by the council's attitude to this, that they have tried to take our homes for no real necessity," said Kieron O'Brien who is one of the homeowners affected.

"We have to remember of course that this runway is already longer than Belfast City Airport which moves 10 times more passengers.

"The airport here is losing 1.5m per year, it costs the ratepayer to run this airport and there really is no necessity at all to demolish this whole area and affect so many people."

The full council will be asked to ratify the plan to demolish the houses.

If it is approved funding will still have to be found for any development at the airport.

BBC NI's Kieron Tourish reports:
"Residents say up to 60 people would be forced out and a way of life ruined"

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