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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 September, 2003, 21:31 GMT 22:31 UK
Chinese family plea over killing
Simon Tang
Simon Tang: Beaten and robbed outside his restaurant
The family of a Chinese man murdered in Northern Ireland seven years ago have said they are desperate for information about his killing.

Father-of-two Simon Tang, 28, was beaten and robbed as he left his Chinese restaurant in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, in June 1996.

The attack was carried out by two men who stole his watch and the night's takings.

Mr Tang was taken to hospital and died the following day. No one has ever been charged with his murder.

His wife, Betty, said she just wanted justice for her husband as her two children, Kevin and Colin, had been robbed of their father.

She said: "On the day of the funeral, Kevin knew his father had died.

"He seemed so scared and frightened and he was crying.

"He was holding me so tight. I told him his father had been murdered by some bad people.

"He asked me: 'Why did they kill my Daddy?'

"I told him it was for his money and that's why."

Kevin was just three years old when his father was killed.

Colin is too young to remember his father. He is severely autistic which adds to the family's pressure.

Mr Tang was an Oxford graduate, but instead instead of pursuing a career in architecture he took over the family business when his mother retired.

Betty Tang
Betty Tang: Trying to cope since husband's death

Mr Tang's brother-in-law Stan Lee said he had been murdered for less than 400.

"They took his watch and wallet while he lay down.

"I made a promise to look after his children. Kevin had his arm round Simon on his death bed and said: 'Daddy wake up. Time to go home. Please stop sleeping.'

"From then on, I said I would look after them, the two boys, as my own children.

"And until the day I die, I'll continue to keep that promise."

In a statement, the Police Service of Northern Ireland said they had been in regular contact with the Tang family and the case was still open.

The Tang's story is featured in the BBC documentary Chinatown NI which will provide an insight into the traditional culture of the single, biggest ethnic minority in the province.

Chinatown NI is being shown on BBC Northern Ireland at 2235 BST on Tuesday.

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