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Stevens Inquiry: At a glance
The key points from the publication of the Stevens Inquiry into collusion in Northern Ireland.

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  • Security force collusion with loyalist paramilitary killers led to a number of murders in Northern Ireland.

  • The killing of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane and another Belfast man, student Brian Lambert, "could have been prevented" if the security forces had not been involved in collusion.

  • The report said: "We have identified serious shortcomings, highlighting collusion."

  • Collusion is defined as the failure to keep records, the absence of accountability, withholding of intelligence and evidence and the involvement of intelligence agents in murder.

  • The Stevens team into collusion said it faced obstruction from its very first day from members of the security forces opposed to the inquiry.

  • Some major lines of inquiry are at the early stages of investigation.

  • A former government minister, Douglas Hogg, was compromised in the House of Commons when he said, a month before Mr Finucane's killing, that some solicitors were "unduly sympathetic" to the IRA.

  • The Stevens team is investigating whether the withholding of evidence from his inquiry was sanctioned, and if so, at what level.

  • The fire that destroyed his offices in 1990 was a deliberate act of arson.

  • The full report cannot be released to the public because of the nature of ongoing investigations and possible criminal prosecutions.

  • Sir John insists that every single word is supported by evidence and documentation.


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