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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 April, 2003, 20:32 GMT 21:32 UK
Family heirlooms sold off
A diverse range of items went under the hammer
A diverse range of items went under the hammer
Almost 1.5m has been raised at an auction of heirlooms from a family estate in County Down.

Dealers and collectors came to the Mourne Park stately home outside Kilkeel in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains for the two-day auction that ended on Tuesday.

Mrs Debonair (Bonnie) Horsman said the family was sad at having to say goodbye to so many familiar items.

"However, there has been so much more sadness in the dispute among my family for several years now, coming up to five years.

"To be honest, we see this as a T-junction, where we can just turn and move on and draw a line under the sadness that has affected us for so long."

Family feud

The fortunes of the Kilmorey estate have long been in decline, hastened in recent years by a family feud which saw a great-granddaughter of the Earl of Kilmorey sent to jail for refusing to disclose where she had hidden 250,000 of heirlooms she removed from the house.

Marion Russell, 33, was jailed on the application of her sister, Debonair and brother, Philip James Anley.

The division of the estate has left Mrs Russell with the dilapidated house, but she said she had planned to buy back many items of sentimental value at the auction.

The most valuable items went under the hammer on Tuesday.

Everything was for sale including lot 17 - the kitchen sink.


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