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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 25 March, 2003, 22:47 GMT
Protest over NI missile firm
Demonstration in Londonderry against missile firm
About 50 people protested outside Derry City Council offices
About 50 people have held an anti-war protest against a defence technologies company in Londonderry.

The US firm Raytheon, which makes the Patriot, Tomahawk, Cruise and Sidewinder missiles currently being used in Iraq, employs about 60 people in Derry.

The company said its operation there was limited to software development.

Protestors went inside Derry City Council's chamber on Tuesday evening to ask councillors to join them in their protest against the company.

The council have voted their opposition to the war on moral grounds.

Sinn Fein councillors pledged to raise the issue at the next council meeting.

The council also invited company representatives and campaigners to present their case.

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