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Quiz of the week's news

7 days 7 questions

It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Comedian James Corden and actor Sir Patrick Stewart clashed on stage at the Glamour Awards on Tuesday. It all started when Sir Patrick criticised Corden - the host - for what?

The pair in full flow
  1. Showing his stomach
  2. Having his hands in his pocket
  3. Swearing

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Ed and David Miliband, Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Diane Abbott will contest the Labour leadership, after nominations closed this week. How many of the five are Oxbridge educated?

Labour contenders debate
  1. Five
  2. Four
  3. Three

3.) Multiple Choice Question

What did media regulator Ofcom this week deem "socially acceptable" to say on TV before the 9pm watershed?

Man watching TV
  1. Mental
  2. Jesus Christ
  3. Lezza
  4. All three

4.) Missing Word Question

* in Queen birthday blunder

  1. Milkman
  2. Clinton
  3. Philip


Milkman Tony Fowler had planned to collect his gong - for services above and beyond delivering pints, such as reporting crime and helping pensioners remove stubborn pickle lids - dressed as a cow. He rowed back from this plan somewhat after advice from the Palace, forgoing the facepaint. Click NEXT to continue.


5.) Multiple Choice Question

Barack Obama visited Louisiana, stricken by the gulf oil spill. He told an interviewer he wanted to see the effects first-hand ...

Crab in oil
  1. "... so I know whose ears to box"
  2. "... so I could bang heads together"
  3. "... so I know whose ass to kick"

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The World Cup kicks off on Friday, but which team is reportedly set to receive the biggest bonus if they win?

South African fans kissing a copy of the World Cup
  1. England
  2. Argentina
  3. Spain

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Still on the World Cup, the noise made by these trumpets - a favourite with South African football fans - will become very familiar in the coming weeks. What are they called?

South African fans
  1. Vuvuzela
  2. Kudu horn
  3. Ayoba


Now, before you get your results, it's the Weekly Bonus Question. Each Friday we will give an answer and ask you to suggest what the question might have been. This week's answer is "IT'LL TAKE A LOT OF ROCK, WATER & DIRT". Make your suggestions using the link below the quiz. Marks are deducted for predictability.


  1. He criticised Corden for standing with his hands in his pockets when recipients got up to collect their awards. The pair traded insults for a few minutes, with Sir Patrick saying he could see Corden's belly from where he'd been sitting. The host then flashed his belly to huge applause.
  2. It's all five. The two Eds and David went to Oxford, while Andy and Diane attended Cambridge.
  3. It's all three. The public is becoming more relaxed about swearing on TV, according to new research commissioned by Ofcom. Many words that might have prompted complaints in the past are now in its "socially acceptable" category.
  4. The full headline is "Clinton in Queen birthday blunder" - the US State Department sent birthday greetings a week early. Meanwhile, a milkman arrived at Buckingham Palace to collect his MBE dressed as a cow.
  5. It's "... so I know whose ass to kick". The US president talked tough in the NBC Today interview on Tuesday after polls show many Americans thought he handled the crisis poorly. His administration is now considering moves to block BP paying dividends to its shareholders.
  6. It's Spain. This week there were reports in the Spanish press that each player will get £500,000 if they win. Argentina is reportedly paying £420,000 and England £390,000, although these figures are unconfirmed.
  7. It's a vuvuzela. Its origins are unclear, but some think it is an updated version of the traditional kudu horn. Broadcasters have complained about the noise. "Ayoba" is another very World Cup word, South African slang for great or awesome.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Buffon

4 - 6 : Messi

7 - 7 : Fabio

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