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Quiz of the week's news

Quiz of the week's news

It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

It's almost that time again - the England football team have revealed their grocery list for the upcoming trip to South Africa for the World Cup. Which one ISN'T on the list?

Custard, sushi with wasabi paste, jaffa cakes and tea
  1. Custard
  2. Wasabi paste for sushi
  3. Jaffa cakes
  4. Herbal tea

2.) Multiple Choice Question

And now it's time to say goodbye. Who lent Gordon Brown a red tie for his farewell speech in Downing Street?

Sarah and Gordon Brown
  1. Ed Balls
  2. Lord Adonis
  3. Alastair Campbell
  4. Lord Mandelson


Something of a red tie fan - he has others in spots, stripes and starbursts - Campbell has blogged about the loan. "I was the only one with a red tie, which my daughter Grace had chosen for me... [S]o after putting the tie on, he wrote to thank her for her style advice and wish her all the best for the future." Click NEXT to continue


3.) Multiple Choice Question

David Cameron, aged 43 years and seven months, is the youngest prime minister since 1812. What's the age gap with Tony Blair, previous holder of the "youngest since 1812" title?

Sam and David Cameron enter 10 Downing St
  1. One month
  2. Five months
  3. A year
  4. Two years

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Third and final election question. Nick Clegg has been made deputy prime minister. Who does he officially succeed in that job?

  1. Harriet Harman
    Harriet Harman
  2. Jack Straw
    Jack Straw
  3. John Prescott
    John Prescott
  4. Peter Mandelson
    Peter Mandelson

5.) Missing Word Question

* 'bad for the heart'

  1. Overtime
  2. Pretty women
  3. Cheese

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The 500 euro note is being withdrawn from sale in the UK. As a banknote that exists, but few ever see, they've been nicknamed:

Seized 500 euro notes
  1. Yetis
  2. Banksys
  3. Bin Ladens
  4. Lord Lucans

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Jeremy Paxman. Stevie Wonder. Selina Scott. All have celebrated birthdays this week, but who is the eldest?

Paxman, Wonder, Scott
  1. Jeremy Paxman
  2. Stevie Wonder
  3. Selina Scott


Now, before you get your results, it's the Weekly Bonus Question. Each Friday we will give an answer and ask you to suggest what the question might have been. This week's answer is "1,752 pages". Make your suggestions using the link below the quiz. Marks are deducted for predictability.


  1. Jaffa cakes are the only one of these items NOT on the team's World Cup shopping list - unusually, as the chocolatey-orangey biscuits are a team staple. Instead Fabio Capello will feed up his players on risotto, organic chocolate and dried apricots.
  2. It was Alastair Campbell who lent him the tie in the party's traditional hue. Mr Brown wanted a red tie to wear to the Palace and then Labour HQ to offer his resignation.
  3. It's five months. Mr Blair was four days short of 44 when he entered Downing St in May 1997.
  4. It's John Prescott, who was Tony Blair's deputy PM. Gordon Brown did not have an official deputy. Harriet Harman was deputy leader of the Labour Party. Peter Mandelson was First Secretary of State - Gordon Brown's de facto, but not official, deputy.
  5. It's overtime - an 11-year study of civil servants has found working long days is unhealthy. The headline "Pretty women are bad for the heart" comes from the Times newspaper, debunking a study claiming men get stressed around beautiful women. In unrelated news, it's been British Cheese Week.
  6. The 500 euro note is nicknamed the Bin Laden. British exchange offices no longer sell the notes because of their popularity with money launderers.
  7. It's news attack dog Jeremy Paxman, who turned 60 on Tuesday, two days before Stevie Wonder. Selina Scott marked her 59th on Thursday.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Blame It On The Sun

4 - 6 : Higher Ground

7 - 7 : Mistra Know-It-All

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