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7 questions on Christmas number twos

7 questions on Christmas number twos

Everyone talks about who will be the Christmas Day number one, but X Factor winners have predictably hogged the top slot for the last four years. So what about those who went to number two? Try our quiz.

X-Factor winner Joe McElderry

1.) Multiple Choice Question

X Factor winner Alexandra Burke was last year's Christmas number one with her version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Who was number two with the same song?

Alexandra Burke's single
  1. Leonard Cohen
  2. Jeff Buckley
  3. Rufus Wainwright
  4. John Cale

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues is a festive classic, but it only reached number two in the 1987 Christmas chart. Who kept it off the number one spot?

Shane MacGowan
  1. Pet Shop Boys
  2. Wham!
  3. Whitney Houston
  4. The Housemartins

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Cliff Richard is well known for his festive hits. Which of these was NOT number two in the Christmas chart on the year it was released?

Cliff Richard
  1. Mistletoe and Wine
  2. Millennium Prayer
  3. Daddy's Home


Daddy's Home was the Christmas number two in 1981 and Millennium Prayer was the Christmas number two in 1999, after holding the number one slot for the two weeks before the Christmas chart. It was knocked off by Westlife's I Have a Dream. Click NEXT to continue.

Cliff Richard

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Novelty singles often top the festive chart, but which of these acts took the Christmas Day number two spot?

Peter kay and Geraldine
  1. Bob the Builder
  2. Mr Blobby
  3. Jive Bunny
  4. St Winifred's School Choir

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Which boy band has had the most number two singles in the Christmas charts?

  1. Take That
    Take That
  2. Wham!
  3. Westlife


Take That were number two at Christmas in 1993 with Babe and in 2006 with Patience. Both singles had earlier been number one. Wham! were number two in 1984 with Last Christmas, which never went to number one. Westlife were number two in 2000 with What Makes A Man, which never made the top spot. Click NEXT to continue.

Take That

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Girls Aloud beat their boy-band competition to the Christmas number one slot in 2002, after Popstars: The Rivals. The boys reached number two, but what were they called?

The boys from the band
  1. One True Harmony
  2. One Voice in Harmony
  3. One True Voice

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Which US rapper was number two in the 1990 Christmas chart?

  1. LL Cool J
  2. MC Hammer
  3. Vanilla Ice


  1. It was Jeff Buckley, who recorded his version in 1994. Leonard Cohen's orginal track, first released in 1984, reached number 36.
  2. It was the Pet Shop Boys with a cover of the Elvis classic, Always on My Mind.
  3. It was Mistletoe and Wine, which was the Christmas number one in 1988.
  4. It was Jive Bunny with Let's Party. It was the Christmas number two in 1989, after reaching number one the week before. All the rest were Christmas number ones.
  5. It's Take That, with two.
  6. It's One True Voice and their single was called Sacred Trust. The band split up after just six months together.
  7. It's Vanilla Ice with Ice, Ice, Baby.

Your score

0 - 3 : Failed to chart

4 - 6 : Middle of the road

7 - 7 : Festive cracker

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