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7 questions on dialling codes

Dialling codes quiz

Telephone regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation on how to better manage ever-increasing demand for numbers. It raises the prospect of new telephone codes but rules out any immediate changes. So how well do you know your dialling codes?

Telephone box

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Area codes were rolled out in 1958, when the Queen made the first trunk call, without the need for an operator. Her call was from Bristol to where?

Queen in 1958
  1. Cardiff
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Belfast

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which town has the easy-to-remember dialling code 01234?

01234 graphic
  1. Bedford
  2. Ashford
  3. Abingdon
  4. Hereford

3.) Multiple Choice Question

How many dialling codes does London have?

Crystal Palace phone mast
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Mobile numbers 07700 900000 to 900999 have a special purpose. What is it?

Mobile phone
  1. Key civil servants
  2. Fictional numbers in TV and film
  3. Gold commanders in fire and police

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Until the late 1980s, where did 000 take British callers?

Old phone
  1. Irish Republic
  2. South Africa
  3. Guernsey

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Which place had its code changed in 1995 from 0734 to 01734, then a year later changed again to 0118?

Phone box
  1. Reading
  2. Nottingham
  3. Leicester

7.) Multiple Choice Question

How many dialling codes does the Isle of Skye have?

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three


  1. It was from Bristol Central Telephone Exchange to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, more than 300 miles away.
  2. It's Bedford. Ashford is 01233, Abingdon is 01235 and Hereford is 01432.
  3. It's one. London has the code 020, although local numbers then begin 3, 7 or 8.
  4. It's for TV and film. An episode of Dr Who revealed his mobile number to be 07700 900 461. Viewers who rang it would have received a recorded message saying the number was not recognised, at no charge.
  5. It's the Irish Republic. For example, Dublin was 0001. But since the late 1980s, the Republic has had the normal international access code 00, followed by 353.
  6. It's Reading. The successive changes caused some confusion at the time.
  7. The island off the west coast of Scotland, which is only 50 miles long, has three dialling codes - 01470, 01471 and 01478.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Wrong number

4 - 6 : Call waiting

7 - 7 : Well connected

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