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Quiz of the week's news

7 days 7 questions

It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Asked 12 times to name his favourite biscuit in an online chat, Gordon Brown took several days to reply "ones with chocolate". He then sent over several packets of his extra-favourite favourites. Which are?

  1. Butter choc-chip
  2. Chocolate digestives
  3. Bourbons
  4. Chocolate tea cakes

2.) Multiple Choice Question

So no green shoots after all - new figures show the UK is still in recession, making this the longest since the ONS began compiling quarterly figures in 1955. So how long has this recession lasted?

Bank of England, photographed in spring
  1. Four consecutive quarters
  2. Five consecutive quarters
  3. Six consecutive quarters
  4. Seven consecutive quarters

3.) Multiple Choice Question

"I personally think I thoroughly deserved it." Said which hard-working British champion on their newly bagged world title?

Champions Jenson Button and Beth Tweddle
  1. Formula 1 driver Jenson Button
  2. Gymnast Beth Tweddle

4.) Multiple Choice Question

And speaking of Tweddle's world-beating performance, in which event did she bag gold at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships on Sunday?

Tweddle in action
  1. Beam
  2. Vault
  3. Uneven bars
  4. Floor

5.) Missing Word Question

US paper seeks * correspondent

  1. pot
  2. iPhone
  3. Windows 7

6.) Multiple Choice Question

"Even my parents think I'm overpaid." Said who?

£50s and £20s
  1. Postal workers' union boss Billy Hayes
  2. Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier
  3. New head of RBS bank Stephen Hester
  4. Declan Donnelly, of Ant and Dec fame

7.) Multiple Choice Question

And finally, the birthday question. Peter Mandelson, Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher and Jeff "The Fly" Goldblum all celebrate birthdays this week. Who is oldest?

Peter Mandleson, carrie Fisher and Jeff Goldblum
  1. Peter Mandelson
  2. Carrie Fisher
  3. Jeff Goldblum


Now, before you get your results, the Magazine has pleasure in announcing the Weekly Bonus Question. Each Friday we will give an answer and ask you to suggest what the question might have been. This week's answer is "IN TIMES OF JACUZZI". Make your suggestions using the link below the quiz. Marks are deducted for predictability.


  1. Mr Brown sent over six packets of butter chocolate-chip biscuits to Mumsnet - the website on which he was pressed for an answer - with a handwritten note.
  2. It's been six consecutive quarters - forecasters had expected some growth in Friday's figures, but instead these showed the economy contracted by 0.4% between July and September.
  3. It's Jensen "I'm world champion, baby!" Button after he won the F1 world title on Sunday... the same day as Beth Tweddle's triumph at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. He said: "I personally think I thoroughly deserved it. I have been the best over 16 races."
  4. She won gold for her floor routine - Britain's only gymnast to win a world title.
  5. It's pot. An alternative Denver newspaper has had 100-plus applicants for the post of marijuana critic - but candidates must have a medical ailment that allows them to buy and use cannabis from one of Colorado's dispensaries.
  6. It's Stephen Hester, the banker now in charge of RBS. His first job was packing Polos at the Rowntree's sweet factory in York. CWU leader Billy Hayes has a salary of £97,000 and last year Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier earned more than £3m. Ant and Dec are set to renew their ITV contract, but reportedly at a reduced multi-million rate.
  7. It's Jeff Goldblum, 57 on Thursday, followed by Peter Mandelson, 56, and Carrie Fisher, 53 - both on Wednesday.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Dark days

4 - 6 : Green shoots

7 - 7 : Spring is sprung

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