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30 more famous Britons you've probably never heard of

Magazine story on famous Britons

The Magazine's feature on 10 Britons famous abroad prompted a huge response from readers, who have been making their own nominations. Here is a selection.

1. Neil Hardwick is a comedian, writer, actor, director, academic. Moved to Finland in 1969 where he has become a successful film, stage and television director/producer writing and producing in Finnish. Neil has also served as Professor of Cinematic Arts at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.
Kimmo Muttonen, Cardiff, Wales

2. Kevin Aiston is something of a celebrity in my wife's native Poland. He made his name in an entertainment programme called Europa da sie Lubic, where Polish residents from various countries talked and joked about life in their home countries. He has also had minor parts in TV dramas and is, I understand, the only non-Pole serving in the Volunteer Fire Brigades. Most Poles have heard of Kevin.
Peter Bateman, Birmingham

3. Craig Ferguson is a very well known talk show host here in the US. Ferguson was born in Glasgow but moved to the US in 1994 where he appeared on the Drew Carey show. Since 2004 Ferguson has been presenting The Late, Late Show on CBS and is favourite to take over The Late Show from David Letterman.
Jeremy Thompson, Lexington, Kentucky, US

Craig Ferguson
Ferguson is tipped to take over from David Letterman

4. CW Nicol (from Neath in Wales, but living for nearly 30 years in Japan) is hugely famous in Japan as a prolific writer and high profile outdoorsman/environmentalist.
Ben, Norwich

5. Suzanne Paul. Apart from becoming a multi-millionaire in NZ from infomercials, selling massage pillows, cosmetics and the Suzanne Clip, she has become a very well known celebrity in NZ and participated in all areas of NZ life - charities, concerts, celebrity game shows. She hosted some popular TV shows and her trademark British accent is known by everyone in NZ who was around in the 1990s - old and young. She recently won Dancing with the Stars.
Amy, Hamilton, New Zealand

6. Ross Anthony is a pop star and reality TV star in Germany. He was a member of the pop group BroSis who were formed on the German equivalent of Pop Idol/X Factor. The band split and he went on I'm a Celebrity which he won. He now records as a solo artist and appears on various TV shows.
Emily Evans, Birmingham

7. Colin Nutley from Gosport, England is a hugely successful film director in Sweden with several iconic films to his name.
Fredrik Juto, Stockholm, Sweden

8. Ian Dickson. Born in Birmingham in 1963, he came to Australia as general manager of record company BMG. Now a big celebrity here as a judge on Australian Idol and he regularly appears on other television programmes and media.
Adam Morris, Albury, Australia

9. Laurence Wilfred "Laurie" Baker (March 2, 1917 - April 1, 2007) came to India in 1945. He is very famous for his work on low-cost architecture and you can see many "Baker model" houses all over South India. He has received many awards and honours in India, including the Padma Shri.
Kraken, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

10. There is Darren Matthews, AKA William Regal in World Wrestling Entertainment. Although he wrestled on shows such as World of Sport, he became much more famous in America, first with the now defunct World Championship Wrestling, then on to the then WWF. Not bad for a bloke born in the West Midlands!
Lee, Leeds

11. How about Sir Clements Robert Markham (1830-1916), the famous British geographer, explorer and writer who travelled to Peru in the 1850s? In Peru he is well known, even an English school in Lima is named after him, but when I moved back to the UK in 1990 I discovered that nobody seems to know who he is (or what I am talking about!).
John J. Hilton, Liverpool, England

12. Claire Martin is the face and voice of the CBC's (Canada's equivalent to the BBC) weather forecasting service on both radio and TV. She is extremely smart, knowledgeable, articulate, funny, cheeky, edgy, and very cute in a tomboyish way.
Graham Walmsley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

13. Catboy is the most popular DJ in Dubai, where he does the breakfast show on Dubai 92FM with his wife, Geordiebird.
Stuart, Dubai, UAE

14. Singer-songwriter Sami Yusuf (raised in London) is a sensation in the Middle East and Turkey.
Said Fawaz, London

15. Luol Deng - the best player on one of the most decorated basketball teams in America's NBA, the Chicago Bulls.
Chris Mcleod, Dundee

16. Keith "Keke" Armstrong went on from being a player to coaching at the top level of Finnish football and also appears as a TV football pundit. He has recently been teamed with another successful British export... he's a celebrity on the Finnish version of Strictly Come Dancing.
Stewart Gray, Helsinki

17. Adam Clarke - Scottish Engineer who built the first permanent bridge between Buda and Pest, newly united with the town of Obuda to create Budapest, Hungary. Married a local and not known outside Hungary.
Tim Harris, Bristol/Budapest

18. The historian Norman Davies is a household name in Poland. He is quite well known in Britain, but not to the same extent.
Karol Szlichcinski, London

19. You forgot about [rock singer] Jimmy Barnes Down Under. Nobody has heard of him in the UK.
Craig, Sydney

20. Dario Franchitti - born in Scotland, but now living in the USA. Winner of 2007 Indianapolis 500 and 2007 Indycar championship. One of the world's top racing drivers. Married to Hollywood star Ashley Judd. Famous in the USA, unknown in the UK.
Robert Johnston, Dunfermline, Fife

21. Tony Irving is an extremely well-known Englishman here in Sweden who is the "mean" judge on Let's Dance, the Swedish equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing.
Nick Bauer, Stockholm, Sweden

22. Welsh comic writer and actor John Morgan, who attained fame here as a member of The Royal Canadian Air Farce on CBC radio and television for over 30 years.
Kevin Bown, Ottawa, Canada

Dario Franchitti
Scot Franchitti is an Indy car star

23. For many Danes, Scot Tom McEwan is synonymous with children's television from the 80s, notably "Palle, Polle og Ruth", and a song called "Fy Fy Skamme Skamme". Tom originally went to Denmark in the 70s to teach English, became a drummer in a band and then, by a quirk of fate, a national TV star! These days he acts alongside fellow ex-pat Ian Burns.
Daen de Leon, Paris, France

24. Ritchie (Richard David Court) is a huge singing star in Brazil and has been since the 1970s. He sings in Portuguese.
Alex Robinson, London/Sao Paulo

25. Bob Franklin is a comedian who is very famous in Australia. He has lived here since 1989 and has appeared on television here a lot.
Troy, Canberra, Australia

26. Irene Sheer is a German/English gold record winning "Schlagersängerin" in Germany. She was born in Basildon in 1949. She sang for Luxembourg in the 1974 Eurovision song contest and for Germany in 1978. She is quite a household name here as is Chris Howland but I don't know anything about him.
Elaine Rauhöft, Waldenbuch

27. Grant Benson is a big name in Italian radio.
Dave Baker, Milan, Italy

28. How about the late Don Lawrence? A comic book artist who did some beautiful painted artwork, he was virtually unknown in this country but his work on the strips Storm and The Trigan Empire was hugely popular in Europe. He received the Dutch equivalent of a knighthood as a result. That's no small achievement.
Paul Tapner, Poole

29. This one's from a couple of centuries ago - Sir Alexander Ball, friend of Lord Nelson's and person most responsible for bringing the island of Malta under British protection. He endeared himself to the locals during an uprising against the French rulers and after Ball helped the Maltese beat the French and send them back to France, the locals spent the next 20 years petitioning to be placed under his protection. He became the first Governor of Malta soon after and lived the rest of his life in a country where he was considered a father. He's well loved in Malta and was in fact buried there under the present-day presidential gardens when he passed away.
Mark, Darlington

30. How about John Oliver from the Daily Show? He must be the most famous Brummie in America!
John F, Congleton, UK

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