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7 questions on sat-nav mistakes

Sat-Nav Quiz

What happened to good old-fashioned map-reading? A Swedish couple in search of the isle of Capri drove to Carpi, an industrial town in northern Italy, because they misspelt the name in their car's sat-nav. Other GPS blunders have made the news. Do you remember?

Car off cliff

1.) Multiple choice question

What did a US demolition company flatten after a sat-nav blunder sent them to the wrong address?

  1. A church
  2. A school
  3. A house

2.) Multiple choice question

How far out of their way did a sat-nav blunder send paramedics who were transferring a patient between Essex hospitals just 7.8 miles (12.5km) apart?

Hospital sign
  1. 290 miles (467km)
  2. 430 miles (692km)
  3. 576 miles (927km)

3.) Multiple choice question

A motorist had to be rescued after being misdirected where?

  1. On to a railway line
  2. Into a brook
  3. A cliff edge
  4. All the above

4.) Multiple choice question

Residents in a picturesque hamlet in Shropshire complained when a sat-nav error resulted in them being overrun by what?

  1. Tanks
  2. Lorries
  3. Fire engines

5.) Multiple choice question

Where did a driver take a coach full of schoolchildren after entering "Hampton Court" into his sat-nav?

Hampton Court Palace
  1. A street in north London by the same name
  2. A castle in Herefordshire with the same name as the more famous palace in London

6.) Multiple choice question

Britons on a Christmas trip were directed to the wrong country. How?

  1. Lille in Belgium rather than Lille in France
  2. Luxembourg province in Belgium was confused with Luxembourg the country
  3. Hainaut in France, not Belgium


They eventually arrived in the right Lille so they could fulfil the purpose of their visit - shopping. But the shops were only open for another two hours. Click NEXT to continue.


7.) Multiple choice question

When Earl Spencer's daughter went to a football match by taxi, she ended up 230 miles (370 km) away. Which team had she hoped to watch?

  1. Chelsea
  2. Swansea
  3. Leeds


Kitty Spencer's journey should have been a straightforward 85-mile (137km) drive south down the M1. But the sat-nav took them 146 miles (235 km) north to the village of Stamford Bridge near York. Click NEXT for your score.



  1. It's a house. Owner Al Byrd from Georgia returned to find the house he had built and lived in with his family for over 50 years destroyed.
  2. It's 430 miles (692km). The transfer between two hospitals in Essex should have taken 30 minutes, but actually took paramedics eight hours after they were sent to Manchester.
  3. Firefighters in Devon came to the rescue of a woman who got stuck in a brook, while a takeaway delivery man ended up on a railway line in Suffolk. Robert Jones drove up a rocky footpath in the Pennines but realised something was wrong when he hit a fence inches from a cliff edge and 100ft drop.
  4. It's tanks. Soldiers looking for barracks at Donnington, near Telford, were being sent to the hamlet, which has the same name but is 15 miles away.
  5. The school trip to Hampton Court Palace in south-west London was abandoned when the coach ended up 18 miles (30km) away in a street called Hampton Court in north London.
  6. They were taken to Lille in Belgium, 98 miles (158km) away from city in northern France they were hoping to visit.
  7. The driver picked her up at Althorp near Northampton and took her to Stamford Bridge in rural Yorkshire, instead of Chelsea's football ground in west London. And Swansea FC has reported sat-nav problems, with visiting teams going to their old stadium by mistake.

Multiple choice question

0 - 3 : Dead end

4 - 6 : Right direction

7 - 7 : Pinpoint accuracy

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