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7 questions on Easter

Easter quiz

It's Holy Week, the most important period in the Christian calendar. How much do you know about it? Test your knowledge in our low-calorie, chocolate-free Easter quiz.

A chick

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which Easter Sunday comes first this year?

  1. Western
  2. Greek Orthodox
  3. Russian Orthodox

2.) Multiple Choice Question

According to the Gospel of John, who utters the famous words "Ecce Homo" during the Passion - the events surrounding Christ's trial and crucifixion?

  1. Caiaphas
  2. Pontius Pilate
    Pontius Pilate
  3. Judas Iscariot
    Judas Iscariot

3.) Multiple Choice Question

There are 14 Stations of the Cross which tell the story of Christ's last hours - fifth Station describes him being helped with his cross. By whom?

The Procession to Calvary by Ghirlandaio
  1. Simon of Cyrene
  2. Joseph of Arimathea
  3. Veronica

4.) Multiple Choice Question

According to all four gospels, Jesus was crucified on a site just outside Jerusalem's city walls, called Golgotha. What does the name mean?

The Crucixion, by Raphael
  1. On a hill
  2. Hill of the dead
  3. Place of the skull

5.) Multiple Choice Question

The empty tomb of Jesus was discovered by a group of women. The Gospels differ over who exactly was in this group but they seem to agree on the presence of one person. Who?

Christ rising from the Tomb by Ferrari
  1. Mary Magdalene
  2. Virgin Mary
  3. Mary, mother of James

6.) Multiple Choice Question

For many children, Easter's religious associations are overshadowed by its more modern, cultural ones. In Australia, there have been efforts to replace the Easter Bunny with another animal. What is it?

Easter Bunny
  1. A bilby
  2. A bandicoot
  3. A hare

7.) Multiple Choice Question

In which country is the flying of kites customary at Easter?

  1. Norway
  2. Bermuda
  3. Czech Republic


  1. The Western churches celebrate Easter Sunday on 12 April. The Orthodox churches have Easter on 19 April.
  2. The words mean "Behold the Man" and were spoken by Pilate as he presented Christ to the people urging his crucifixion.
  3. It's Simon of Cyrene. Veronica features in the sixth Station of the Cross when she wipes Jesus's face. Joseph of Arimathea took the dead body of Jesus and put it in his own tomb.
  4. It is Aramaic for "place of the skull". In later centuries, it became known as Calvary.
  5. It's Mary Magdalene, although Mary, mother of James, is also mentioned in one Gospel and is thought to be the "other Mary" described in others.
  6. It's the bilby, which is an endangered marsupial that lives in the desert. Supporters of the movement to oust the Easter Bunny consider rabbits to be pests.
  7. It's Bermuda and the kites symbolise Christ's ascent to heaven. In Norway, murder mysteries are part of Easter custom and in the Czech Republic there is a tradition of spanking on Easter Monday. (Thanks to the National Gallery for supplying some images for this quiz.)

Your Score

0 - 4 : Sweet nothing

5 - 6 : Bad egg

7 - 7 : Praise be

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