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Quiz of the week's news

7 days 7 questions

It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz. Test yourself on how much news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Protocol says don't touch the Queen. But at Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth II and her guest Michelle Obama briefly put their arms around each other. Who made the first move?

The Queen and Michelle Obama
  1. Michelle Obama
  2. The Queen
  3. Unclear

2.) Multiple Choice Question

The First Couple were in London for the G20 summit aimed at steadying global economic nerves. How long does the summit itself last?

The summit delegates
  1. Three days
  2. Two days
  3. One day
  4. Four hours and 35 minutes

3.) Multiple Choice Question

A round of pay increases this week, but which profession will get the highest percentage rise?

Price rise stress balls
  1. MPs
  2. Soldiers
  3. Teachers
  4. Senior civil servants

4.) Missing Word Question

* thief picks police summit

  1. 'Dumb'
  2. Armed
  3. Lost

5.) Multiple Choice Question

"A loooot of fun". What?

  1. Returning to St James's Park, said new manager Alan Shearer
    Newcastle football shirt
  2. A trip to the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, said Miss Universe
    Miss Universe 2008
  3. Doing a three-point turn in Downing St, said Obama's chauffeur
    Armoured limo The Beast

6.) Multiple Choice Question

What's Agadou?

  1. The Belgian name for All Fool's/April Fool's Day
  2. Original French version of Black Lace's song Agadoo
    Black Lace
  3. A Spanish anarchist group protesting in London

7.) Multiple Choice Question

And finally, the birthday question. Which of these two broadcasters celebrating birthdays this week is older?

Phillip Schofield and Piers Morgan
  1. Phillip Schofield
  2. Piers Morgan
  3. Both exactly the same age


  1. It's unclear from the footage. But what is unusual is that the Queen made contact herself. In 1992 the then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating was branded "the Lizard of Oz" by the media for putting his hand on her back.
  2. There were four hours and 35 minutes of formal talks - interrupted by lunch. There was a lot of preamble and pre-meetings and working meals and photo shoots.
  3. All military personnel will get 2.8% pay rise - higher in percentage terms than the 2.33% rise MPs got on Monday, but far less in actual money as their wages are much lower. Teachers, meanwhile, will get a 2.3% rise in September, and senior civil servants a 1.5% rise next year.
  4. It's "dumb". On Sunday a man was arrested after an attempted robbery at a Pennsylvania hotel. He'd tried to relieve a guest of his wallet and phone - but the guest was one of 300 police officers there for a conference.
  5. It's the prison camp. Venezuelan beauty queen Dayana Mendoza's blog post on the Miss Universe site also said it was a "relaxing, calm, beautiful place". It's now been replaced with a statement saying she meant the hospitality she received there.
  6. It's the original French version of the Black Lace song Agadoo - voted the "worst song of all time" - which is to be re-released. The French version was recorded in 1971.
  7. It's Phillip "This Morning" Schofield, who turned 47 on Wednesday. Piers is three years younger.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Pier pressured

4 - 6 : More-gan three man

7 - 7 : Had your Phil

For a complete archive of past quizzes and our weekly news quiz, 7 days 7 questions, visit the Magazine page and scroll down. You can also do this quiz on your mobile device.

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