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Quiz of the week's news

7 days 7 questions

It's the Magazine's 7 days 7 questions news quiz - a chance for you to test how much of the news you've read, watched and heard from the past week... and how much you remember.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

"I've already turned it down... stupidly." Said which heavy-weight broadcaster when teased on-air about following John Sergeant on to Strictly Come Dancing?

Paxo, Humphreys, Marr's Deadringers lookalike, Wark
  1. Jeremy Paxman
  2. John Humphrys
  3. Andrew Marr
  4. Kirsty Wark


Here is what he'd have to measure up to - John Sergeant and his dance partner, Kristina Rihanoff, performing a merengue. Well, she performs a merengue. Click NEXT to continue.

John on the dancefloor

2.) Multiple Choice Question

What has "the pace of a steamroller with engine trouble"?

  1. A woolly mammoth, the genome for which has been almost pieced together
    Woolly mammoth
  2. Troubled High Street retailer Woolworths
  3. Nicole Kidman's latest film epic, Australia
    Nicole Kidman
  4. The 10-year-old International Space Station
    International Space Station

3.) Multiple Choice Question

What does this graph represent?

  1. Sterling's strength against euro, Jan 1999 - Nov 2008
  2. Price of Brent Crude oil in dollars, May - Nov 2008
  3. House prices for England and Wales, Aug 2007 - Oct 2008
  4. Top of the Pops viewing figures, 1963 - 2006

4.) Missing Word Question

* 'risked windpipe op'

  1. Easyjet
  2. Espresso
  3. Allergy

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Somali pirates have seized a giant oil tanker - the largest to be hijacked - in the hopes of a fat ransom payout. It's about the length of a US aircraft carrier, but how long is it?

Sirius Star
  1. 250 metres
  2. 330 metres
  3. 420 metres

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The most common names on the leaked list of BNP members are John, David and Paul. The most popular female name?

BNP leader Nick Griffin
  1. Susan
  2. Carol
  3. Sharon

7.) Multiple Choice Question

And finally, a birthday question. Two members of Girls Aloud celebrate their birthdays this week. Who's older?

Kimberley and Sarah
  1. Kimberley Walsh (left)
  2. Sarah Harding
  3. Same age, to the day


  1. It's John Humphrys of BBC Radio 4's Today. While Newsnight's Paxman has expressed no public wish to trip the light fantastic in the arms of a Siberian-born vamp, he took great delight in heckling Sergeant for stepping down at his press conference on Wednesday.
  2. It's director Baz Luhrmann's Australia, according to a review in the Canberra Times. The film, which stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, has had mixed reviews. Woolies is in such trouble it could be sold for £1, and the space station was 10 on Thursday.
  3. It's the Brent Crude price, which fell below $50 a barrel this week after peaking at $147 a barrel in July. Sterling hit a 13-year low against a basket of other currencies used by major UK trading partners. Top of the Pops is coming back for Christmas after the BBC said it wouldn't, having initially said it would.
  4. It's Easyjet. Stem cells involved in the pioneering windpipe transplant were to be flown from Bristol to Barcelona, but on the day, check-in staff refused, leading medics to charter a private jet for £14,000.
  5. It's 330 metres (1,080 feet). And when the supertanker is fully laden, as it is now with 2m barrels, it is the weight of three aircraft carriers.
  6. It's Susan. But as four-fifths are men, Susan is 51st on the list, according to data crunching by the Times. The leaked list of the names, occupations and contact details of the far-right party's 12,000 members was posted online on Sunday.
  7. It's Sarah, but only by a few days. She turned 27 on Monday, three days before Kimberley. The pair are the eldest in the band.

Your Score

0 - 3 : A dancing pig in Cuban heels

4 - 6 : Everydad jiving at a wedding

7 - 7 : Eddie the Eagle in sequins

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