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Not-the-election quiz

The not-really-the-election quiz

For those who have had their fill of the US election, here is a quiz with only the most tenuous relationship to the American democratic process. What else happened in the world as the US prepared to vote?

Yawning delegate

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Tuesday saw a hotly-contested presidential election in the Republic of Palau. Where?

Palau Congress buildings
  1. 400 miles east of Mati, the Philippines
  2. 100 miles west of Hong Kong
  3. 300 miles north of Darwin, Australia

2.) Multiple Choice Question

On 26 September, Barack Obama and John McCain went head-to-head in their first debate. What else was in the news that day?

  1. Missing mountain runners found, earthquake hits Midlands, IMF aid for Ukraine and Hungary
    Training shoe
  2. Statue of Roman emperor found, Mugabe heckled in parliament, cows align north-south
    Statue of Marcus Aurelius
  3. Somalian pirates seize 33 tanks, Washington Mutual sold, Krypton Factor comeback announced
    Washington Mutual

3.) Multiple Choice Question

John McCain declared his candidacy for president on 25 April 2007, a date that's a national holiday in many nations. Which one of these was NOT celebrated that day?

John McCain
  1. Anzac Day
  2. Faroe Islands National Flag Day
  3. Gambia Republic Day

4.) Missing Word Question

* the Plumber hits New Zealand election trail

  1. Joe
  2. Miles
  3. Morgan

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Sarah Palin will remember 29 August as the day she was named as John McCain's running mate. But it was also the day which celebrity's admission to a sex addiction clinic made headlines?

  1. David Duchovny
    David Duchovny
  2. Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas
  3. Colin Farrell
    Colin Farrell

6.) Multiple Choice Question

On 18 March Barack Obama gave a speech on race, expressing a desire for a "more perfect union". A British politician chose that day to announce his campaign to be London mayor. Who?

  1. Ken Livingstone
    Ken Livingstone
  2. Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson
  3. Brian Paddick
    Brian Paddick

7.) Multiple Choice Question

That other part of North America has also held an election recently. Who is the victorious Canadian prime minister?

Canadian flag
  1. Jean Chretien
  2. Paul Martin
  3. Stephen Harper

8.) Multiple Choice Question

On 7 June, Hillary Clinton bowed out of the race to be president - just as the price of oil reached record levels. How much for a barrel of light crude?

Oil pump
  1. $139 a barrel
  2. $131 a barrel
  3. $123 a barrel

9.) Multiple Choice Question

The war on terror is a big issue in US politics, but where has a man nicknamed Terror formed a breakaway splinter party?

  1. Serbian Radicals
    Serbian flag
  2. Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
    Maoist flag
  3. ANC in South Africa
    ANC logo

10.) Multiple Choice Question

One might guess that McCain is a more common surname than Obama in the UK. But what, in the edited electoral roll, is the ratio of households with a McCain registered to those with an Obama registered?

John McCain and Barack Obama
  1. 25-1
  2. 250-1
  3. 2500-1


  1. Palau, which became independent in 1994, is a little more than 400 miles away from Mati in the eastern Philippines. Once a colonial possession of Spain, then Germany, then Japan, it is now a major beneficiary of US aid. Elias Camsek Chin and Johnson Toribiong contested the election.
  2. Pirates, Washington Mutual and the Krypton Factor comeback hit the headlines on 26 September. A month earlier, on 26 August, came news of the cows and the Marcus Aurelius statue. And the missing runners and mini-tremor were from 26 October.
  3. It's Gambia Republic Day, which is celebrated on 24 April.
  4. It's Morgan. Plumber Morgan Luxton spoke to Prime Minister Helen Clark about how she would help the unemployed if re-elected on 8 Novemeber.
  5. It's David Duchovny. In a glorious example of life imitating art, the Californication star entered rehab for sex addiction on 29 August, and only emerged in early October.
  6. It was Ken Livingstone, running against Boris Johnson and Brian Paddick. Posterity has not recorded his speech in the same canon as Mr Obama's.
  7. It's Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, who again won enough seats to form a minority government on 14 October.
  8. It was a whopping $139, as oil prices stormed towards their peak over the summer.
  9. The ANC has recently suffered a breakaway by Mosiuoa "Terror" Lekota, so called because of his prowess on the football field. The Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha broke from the Nepalese Maoists in 2004 demanding autonomy for the Terai region.
  10. It is a mere 25-1. In the last edited electoral roll, there were three households with Obamas and 74 with McCains.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Landslide loser

4 - 7 : By a hair

8 - 10 : Easy street

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