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The High Street

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23 OCT 2009

"I've seen a deterioration in the last five or six weeks, but there just seems to be less people around on the High Street," says manager Jennette Burlingham.

Tan in Shirley High Street
Address: 92, Shirley High St
Years on the street: 1.5 years
Number of staff: Five
Manageress: Jennette Burlingham, 47
Company service: 1.5 years

"This is a slow time of year for us. You get people going away in the summer but coming up to Christmas it's quiet. People are saying the recession is through but I don't believe it. We are still in the midst of it."

She's offered £1.50 a session, 50p less than usual for the height of the season, the summer.

"People are more money-conscious now. Some customers are saying the cash-flow situation is not as good so they have cut back, but not cut out. There has also been some bad publicity for sun beds. Some regular customers suddenly stopped.

"After the summer we dropped quicker than I expected, at the beginning of September instead of the end. It's hard for us because it's our first year but we're going to get through it.

"We're up on this time last year, when we were still trying to get established, but we're not in profit. Staffing is the same but I might need to reduce opening hours is this keeps up, just to get us through the winter months."

28 JAN 2009

Ms Burlingham has taken action to address the economic crisis.

"We have met the recession with extremely low prices - £1 a session. It's increased numbers and I would rather see a full shop than an empty one."

24 OCT 2008

Despite talk of a recession, Tan is expanding with a new spray tan booth being installed in addition to sunbeds.

Jeanette Burlingham, tanning salon manager
No problems, says Ms Burlingham

Ms Burlingham says business is still "fine" and the situation has not changed a great deal over the past fortnight.

"People are still going on holiday, and coming in here to top up their tans before they go. Others like to keep their tans up," she says.

But times are not easy for all on the High Street, she says.

"Some of the businesses seem to be struggling to stay on top. But I haven't had a great deal of problems.

In fact, Ms Burlingham says she is feeling even more positive about her business, with the introduction of the spray tan booth.

"People have been coming in asking when it's opening and when they can book. I'm positive it's going to take off. This place offers the feel good factor. A bit of luxury," she says.

9 OCT 2008

Tan opened five months ago and Ms Burlingham believes it will weather the financial storm.

"I'm confident this time next year this place will be booming. People are not going to be able to go on holiday, so this is where they will come for a touch of luxury," she says.

"The credit crunch will hit, and it's going to get worse. But my business will stay, in the summer people will want to come for a bit of warmth."

She explains business in tanning salons follows a cycle over the year, peaking in the summer, and it was too early to gauge its overall performance.

She adds business had been affected earlier in the year because the High Street had been closed for resurfacing work which meant buses were directed away.

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