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From Penzance to Berwick in six days

With free bus travel for England's over 60s, how long would it take to cross the country using local services? The answer is six days and here's how. All times are in BST and are correct for this week (March 31-April 6).

Day One

Day One: Penzance to Lyme Regis
From Penzance to Lyme Regis, via Plymouth and Exeter

At Penzance, take the 1010 X18 service to Truro, arriving at 1116

At Truro, take the 1130 424 service to Trekenning, arriving at 1200

At Trekenning, take the 1230 593 service to Liskeard, arriving at 1321

At Liskeard, take the 1330 592 service to Plymouth, arriving at 1420

At Plymouth, take the 1459 X80 service to Torquay, arriving at 1650

At Torquay, take the 1741 X46 service to Exeter, arriving at 1837

At Exeter, take the 1848 X53 service to Lyme Regis, arriving at 2006

Day Two

Day Two: Lyme Regis to Bath
From Lyme Regis to Bath, via Bournemouth and Salisbury

At Lyme Regis, take the 1006 X53 service to Poole, arriving at 1310

At Poole, take the 1320 M1 service to Bournemouth, arriving at 1349

At Bournemouth, take the 1441 X3 service to Salisbury, arriving at 1552

At Salisbury, take the 1640 4 service to Devizes, arriving at 1754

At Devizes, take the 1825 X71 service to Bath, arriving at 1926

Day Three

Day Three: Bath to Luton
From Bath to Luton, via Cheltenham and Oxford

At Bath, take the 0937 X31 service to Chippenham, arriving at 1020

At Chippenham, take the 1030 91 service to Malmesbury, arriving at 1122

At Malmesbury, take the 1135 93 service to Cirencester, arriving at 1210

At Cirencester, take the 1220 51 service to Cheltenham, arriving at 1300

At Cheltenham, take the 1330 H service to Swindon, arriving at 1350

At Swindon, take the 1516 66 service to Oxford, arriving at 1630

At Oxford, take the 1715 280 service to Aylesbury, arriving at 1833

At Aylesbury, take the 1915 150 service to Leighton Buzzard, arriving at 1941

At Leighton Buzzard, take the 1951 31 service to Luton, arriving at 2032

Day Four

Day Four: Luton to Peterborough
From Luton to Peterborough, via Bedford and Cambridge

At Luton, take the 1000 S1 service to Bedford, arriving at 1053

At Bedford, take the 1105 M2 service to Henlow, arriving at 1137

At Henlow, take the 1147 E7 service to Letchworth, arriving at 1202

At Letchworth, take the 1311 90 service to Royston, arriving at 1404

At Royston, take the 1440 26 service to Cambridge, arriving at 1520

At Cambridge, take the 1610 1A service to Huntingdon, arriving at 1713

At Huntingdon, take the 1735 16 service to Peterborough, arriving at 1842

Day Five

Day Five: Peterborough to York
From Peterborough to York, via Nottingham and Sheffield

At Peterborough, take the 0957 East Midlands service to Nottingham, arriving at 1132

At Nottingham, take the 1205 PRO service to Chesterfield, arriving at 1335

At Chesterfield, take the 1340 727 service to Sheffield, arriving at 1415

At Sheffield, take the 1525 X78 service to Doncaster, arriving at 1640

At Doncaster, take the 1645 405 service to Selby, arriving at 1800

At Selby, take the 1815 415 service to York, arriving at 1900

Day Six

Day Six: York to Berwick-upon-Tweed
From York to Berwick-upon-Tweed, via Middlesbrough and Newcastle

At York, take the 0958 843 service to Scarborough, arriving at 1128

At Scarborough, take the 1208 56 service to Middlesbrough, arriving at 1459

At Middlesbrough, take the 1530 X10 service to Newcastle, arriving at 1650

At Newcastle, take the 1715 525 service to Berwick-upon-Tweed, arriving at 1939

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