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Franglais: Your favourites
Onion seller
After our tribute to the late pioneer of Franglais, Miles Kington, here is a selection of your favourite Franglais moments.

Whether it's in the field of food, transportation or about the house, readers offered hundreds of priceless examples of Franglais.

There are plenty of phrases from Canada, one place where English and French clash to comic effect.


Overhead on overnight ferry to Dunkirk, "Quelle est le French pour gateaux?"
PAF, Dover

"Veux-tu des toasts avec les oeufs?", (want bread with your eggs?).
Gilles Talbot, Montreal, Canada

My grandad always used to call milk "cow juice", and this has naturally become "jus de vache" - confusez le hell out of les locales...
Jem, Bretigny sur Orge, la France

J'ai remplace le strap de fan dans le moteur

Deux biers s'il vous plait, as vite as vous aime - two beers please, as quick as you like
Lloyd Housley, Auchenblae, Scotland

Two chien chaud and a coke s'il vous plait - two hotdogs and a coke please
Graham Deere, Wales

Said by my friend after looking at his typically French glass of beer with a big layer of froth on top "Je voudrais un top-up".
Rachel, Liverpool, UK


J'ai remplace le strap de fan dans le moteur - I have replaced the fan belt in the car.
WJ Feltrin, Toronto, Canada

Mon tire a un flat (pretty self-explanatory)
Julie, Montreal, Canada

In France, it is written "Stop", in Quebec, "Arret".
Rick James, Aix-en-Provence, France (currently) - Vancouver, Canada


As children we used to fill our "chaud l'eau bouteilles" (hot water bottles)
Dot, Glasgow, Ecosse

My father was working in the Elevator business in Montreal, and tried to ask the building manager for a tool, the name of which he didn't know in French. After he had described what the tool looked like and what it was used for, the building manager exclaimed: "ah, vous avez besoin d'un pipe-wrench!"
Rebecca, Taipei, Taiwan

One wonderful piece of Denglish. The wife of an army friend going into a German hardware store and asking, in her broad Yorkshire accent 'Haben sie Curtain 'ooks?'
Steve Allen, Iowa USA


Some examples heard regularly around these parts : "le fighting spirit", "le one-man show","un tennis man, des tennis mans", "un sandwich, des sandwichs".
Joe S., Corbeil, near Paris

A favourite interjection from the editor of a Parisian fashion magazine: "Regarde! C'est une autre fashion victime!"
Jessica Volz, Boston, Massachusetts, US

The best I ever heard was from a schoolgirl on a trip to France (related to me by their teacher). She was being chatted up by a French lad she didn't fancy. Her words were "sur votre bicyclette, mate".
Rob Slack, London

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