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Midweek quiz: Etiquette

Midweek quiz: Etiquette

Brighton College has introduced a compulsory etiquette course for its pupils covering such topics as when to remove one's jacket at dinner, which fork to use when and how to waltz. But how's your grasp of modern manners? Test yourself.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which is the most polite way to drink a cappuccino? Should you skim the froth off with a spoon, or avoid completely the use of the spoon?

Man contemplates a coffee
  1. Drink through the froth
  2. Use the teaspoon

2.) Multiple Choice Question

You receive a formal invitation to a wedding by post. Is it correct etiquette to send an acceptance by e-mail?

  1. Yes
  2. No

3.) Multiple Choice Question

When is it appropriate to wear white tie and gown?

Arun Nayar and Liz Hurley
  1. To watch racing at Ascot
  2. At the theatre
  3. At a formal ball

4.) Multiple Choice Question

At a formal dinner, who should a man talk to and when?

Formal dinner at Windsor
  1. Woman on left for first course and right for main course
  2. Woman on right for first course and left for main course
  3. Both ways during both courses

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Look at this image of the layout at a dinner table for a meal of soup, fish course, main course, salad. Which is the fish fork?

Table setting
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Again looking at the table, which one of the glasses would be likely to contain water?

Table setting
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Who, according to traditional etiquette guides, should be the subject of the first toast?

  1. Bride
  2. Bride and groom
  3. Bride's parents
  4. Bridesmaids, bride and groom

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Where should the best man be in relation to the chief bridesmaid at a wedding?

  1. Standing next to her during the vows
  2. Walking next to her while leaving the church
  3. He should not be near the chief bridesmaid at all

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Is it the correct etiquette to leave the toilet seat up or down?

  1. Lid up, seat up
  2. Lid up, seat down
  3. Lid down, seat down

10.) Multiple Choice Question

What should you do when a friend's pet is lying at your feet emitting noxious odours in polite company?

  1. Pet the animal and make a joke
  2. Cough nervously and look accusingly
  3. Ask for the animal to be removed
  4. Smile at a fellow guest and move away discreetly


  1. Lift the froth with your spoon before you drink. This allows the coffee to cool a little, as it is usually very hot when it arrives. This also saves you from acquiring a foamy moustache, says John Morgan, late author of the Times's Guide to Modern Manners.
  2. Strictly speaking, you should respond by the same means in which you received the invitation. But most etiquette guides say it depends on the formality of the occasion, and your relationship with the couple.
  3. At a ball. Debrett's says white tie is the dress code for the most formal of events, "so-called since men are required to wear a white bow tie along with a black evening tail coat. Here, women should wear an evening dress or ball gown."
  4. A man should speak to the woman on his left during the first course and on his right during the main course. It is a formal dinner, after all, and the seating arrangement alternates men and women.
  5. It's A, the fork furthest to the left of the dinner fork.
  6. A would usually be the water goblet as it is largest. B would typically be red wine, C white and D sherry. Glasses must be placed above the knives.
  7. It's the bride and groom. The bride's father should compliment the bride but should technically toast the bride and groom first.
  8. He should only accompany the chief bridesmaid down the aisle at the end of the ceremony.
  9. It's lid and seat down when not in use, according to The Times Guide to Modern Manners.
  10. Move away. The Times Guide to Modern Manners advises communicating with a fellow guest to indicate one is not to blame, and says that asking for the animal to be removed may upset the host.

Your Score

0 - 4 : Finger food only

5 - 7 : Knives and forks

8 - 10 : Silver service

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