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Quizzes: Imperial and metric
The EU is set to abandon plans for Britain to ditch its imperial measurements system. Many Britons already juggle metric and imperial - but which are you better at? Try these two short quizzes below and let us know how you got on.

So, how did you do?

Absolutely right - don't know either very well. Measure length in centimetres but height in inches, weight in pounds and ounces but car seats for children come in kilos. It's all very confusing. I am 35 so my parents do everything in imperial, but at school I seem to remember doing mostly metric. Except for maths questions about miles per hour!
Katharine Wright, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, UK

5 out of 5 imperial but only 4 out of 5 on metric... I guess I'm indoctrinated!
Sue , Oxfordshire

My scores: 1/5 imperial and 5/5 metric. I was able to calculate the answers to the metric questions, but had to guess at the imperial problems. Please. PLEASE get rid of this useless archaic system, it makes absolutely no sense. The metric system is beautiful, the units fit together harmoniously. For example; 1 cubic metre of water is exactly 1 metric tonne. Or 1 joule is the work required to exert a force of 1 newton for a distance of 1 metre. Someone's actually thought about it! It's crazy having to learn two systems in Britain and I'm personally sick of converting from one to the other. We're not ever going to abandon metric, so stop wasting time and ditch this ugly system now. Please!
Alan, London

5 out of 5 Imperial... 4 out of 5 metric a slight dilemma my age may have been a factor in the imperial but where does that leave me with the metric...51 yrs old and maybe young enough to do metric but old enough to remember imperial or just quite clever!
Lynn Puga, Newcastle upn tyne

I scored 3 in each quiz. I'm equally clueless! But in canada we weigh people in pounds and use it in descriptions. I'll never get that one right.
Ann White, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

I scored top marks but I am 52 and recall the old Imperial weights and measures from school days. To be honest metric money is great and we probably SHOULD all go metric for all the right reasons but I'd miss saying to my pals "Fancy a pint?" or thinking of myself as 12 Stones in weight. Or driving at 30 miles an hour - to change seems wrong....but I think we will one day. Maybe we could rename a kilometer as a "new mile" like we did with currency - One 'New Pence' equalled 2.4 'Old Pence' It worked OK.
Ken, Glasgow

Somehow I got 5/5 on the imperial test (but 3 were pure guesses) and 4/5 on metric (forgot the micro- prefix). I was taught metric at school (up to A level maths), imperial units at Univeristy (aeronautical engineering is still taught in old units), my parents still use imperial and I'm currently living in the US where everything is 'British' i.e. a version of imperial. Is it any wonder I'm confused?!
JJ, Washington DC, USA (ex-Hants)

I got 5/5 in imperial and 2/5 in metric. I'm only 32 but my Nana taught me to cook in imperial which I still use!
Rebecca , County Durham

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