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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 14:45 GMT 15:45 UK
Countdown to the ban
On 1 July, smoking in enclosed public places will be banned across the UK.

Scotland and Wales already have such a ban; Northern Ireland's ban began on Monday, 30 April; England's ban starts 1 July.

The Magazine will be counting down the weeks with a series of articles about the impact of the ban on life in Britain.

• 24 April: Countdown to lights out

• 25 April: Where can you smoke once the ban starts?

• 1 May: Death of the smoking room

• 1 May: Can our panel quit?

• 8 May: The Enforcer - Edinburgh's anti-smoking cop

• 8 May: Quitters' panel: 55 days to go

• 15 May: Smoke doesn't get in your eyes

• 15 May: Quitters' panel: 46 days to go

• 23 May: Oops, look what's happened...

• 23 May: Quitters' panel: 38 days to go

• 30 May: Sign of the times

• 30 May: Quitters' panel: 31 days to go

• 07 June: The fidget factor

• 07 June: Quitters' panel: 23 days to go

• 14 June: Alan Sillitoe: My life as a smoker

• 14 June: Quitters' panel: 16 days to go

• 20 June: Is it job done for health campaigners?

• 20 June: Quitters' panel: 10 days to go

• 20 June: Going, going... gone - one man's farewell to smoking in enclosed public places

• 20 June: Your pictures of the last night of smoking

• 20 June: The outsiders

• 20 June: Quitters' panel: One month on

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