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Inside your diaries
Some speak to their diaries, like they were people
A first kiss, an annoying colleague, a broken typewriter - the Magazine asked for extracts from your diaries.

Never mind the musings of the Alastair Campbells and the Tony Benns of this world, why do so many people put pen to paper every day to record their thoughts, dreams and observations?

Here is a selection of the diary entries you sent in. Some names have been changed and some extracts edited.


Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm pregnant after 22 years of trying!!! Oh God, I'm so happy!


Amanda back to work (boo!) after three weeks of bliss without her! Annoying me so much... wish she'd clear off back to Bermuda where she had such a great time! If she complains one more time about being cold I'll go and set fire to her desk and warm her up a bit.

I have terrible diarrhoea today, must be all the food and booze over the festive season - oh yeah and the Heinz Hot Sauce that we bought back from Egypt that I consumed a gallon of last night with our tuna steaks, hee hee. Watched the launch of Celebrity Big Brother and had steamed tuna again (without the hot sauce this time).

Paul was in a great mood tonight and we had a little dance in the living room to try out our first dance for the wedding party. Everything is coming together with the wedding, flights, hotel and chapel all booked to Vegas - just got to lose five stone in two months - yeah right!


Yesterday felt v sad as realised my best friend (mum) had gone and I will never be as happy again, I have changed forever. Also later saw a bloke in Sainsbury's with pink flip flops on which looked great.


CK called today, said she wanted a divorce, on what would have been our fifth wedding anniversary!!! Whatever happened to for better or worse??? After 11 years together, she would only talk over msn... she never even gave me a chance and she was the one who gave up.


Rachel (my girlfriend) had bought several plants yesterday from a church fete in Horsforth. Today provided an ideal opportunity to tidy the garden and do some planting. Ask my Dad and he'd tell you I've never taken interest in gardening, but between you and me, I really enjoyed it today! We then relaxed with a cream scone and a cup of tea, a nice reward after the 75 or so minutes work in the garden...

Whilst watching TV this lunchtime, we saw a bit of an MGM movie on BBC Two - That's Entertainment. It featured an amazing tap dance routine from the movie Broadway Melody of 1940 with Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell - it has to be seen to be believed. No camera trickery or special effects!


Rob dumped me I'm gutted, he is now dating an 18-year-old from work. He is 35, she doesn't know his age. Think she is a silly girl. Friends say it won't last but he's with her and I'm not.

TRINA, UK - 9 JULY 1987

I can't remember much about today. I went to work and spent all day copy typing. I busted the daisy wheel on the electric typewriter and there was nothing but talk of budgets. I rang up Chris and she said she'd give me a spare - cost about 30. Then I rang Education and they suggested there were spare typewriters so I managed to get one.

I actually used a manual today and it was awful. I was typing a stencil for a gestetner ink duplicator. I thought such things were in museums. Only to find out they also own a Banda which uses carbon paper/meths type duplication. Real back to the ark stuff. Even the photocopier only uses china paper, and lousy duplication it is too.


Despite the unease I feel when trains derail on the Central Line and London stations are swarming with police because of the risk of terrorist attacks, I can't help wondering - is it possible to find love on the Underground?

When I got on the Tube I picked up a grimy newspaper and flicked through the pages. That was when I spotted the personal column. Now I don't go out of my way to read personals and when I do it is purely for entertainment.

But as I scanned the ads I secretly hoped I would read one about me. "To the girl in the bowler hat and wellies who got on at Edgware Road - you were lovely." There was nothing. But there was one that made me laugh. "To the gorgeous brunette who smiled at me outside Waterloo station and then tripped up, are you single?"

As I eased my way towards the exit my foot caught on a man's shoe and I stumbled. Embarrassed, I looked up and not being able to help myself, smiled. He was very handsome. And he smiled back. Was there some strange fatalistic conspiracy going on to trip people up and make them fall in love?

Anyway, I got off the train and headed for the exit making a mental note to myself to scour the personal ads religiously for the next week.


Brixham. Surprisingly wide variety and number of pubs including a Wetherspoon (hallelujah!). On leaving Brixham the port engine was thought to have blown a gasket but on further inspection & TLC from Bigs, it was found to be only a broken water pipe dripping on the engine.

Helm 7-10:30. Increased the entertainment factor by giving fishing floats an unnecessarily wide birth. On telling the Boss that I was to do the pilotage into Penzance he replied "Oh god no!" I am beginning to think he may not have complete confidence in me.


Starting a new diary book. Wonder where I will be when this one ends? Gin-Huey Yang, age 22, starting this diary on 14 Nov 2005 at NTU (National Taiwan University) dorm 4, room 119. Her feelings now, partly dreadful.

Going to have International Political Economics exam on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow. And still don't feel like studying it. Partly because I can't understand what the heck it is talking about. Never learned that part in economics. Never is interested, either.

I've been thinking all the time, what in the world am I interested in? Everyone seems to have something. But me? Hmm. Well, I like to read. That counts, doesn't it? What else am I interested in? I would like to try in-line skating, dancing, sign language... but I need chances. Keep it up Gin-Huey, keep it up.


On the train this morning, one of those stupid people who put their bags on the adjacent seat because on a packed train no-one would want to sit down, would they? When I politely asked the gentleman if I could sit down I got a look as if to say that I was personally responsible for the invasion of Poland. Miserable so-and-so, I hope he eats something unpleasant and has the trots for a couple of days.


I've told Ben I want to move out. The reason is petty, but also I think justifiable - his mother so much wanted to have her say one day when she came round that she barged in on me in bed. He didn't stop her. That was just the last straw. I'm very protective of my privacy, and I have a right to be.

Ben took the news pretty well and I'm just really relieved now I've told him. I'm looking forward to getting my own little flat and getting the internet and having my own say around the home. I want her out of my life, and I want my relationship with Ben to go back to being fun. It turns out it can't be serious, there's just not enough there.

But I do think we'll get on a lot better if we accept that. And also, it gives us the freedom to perhaps find something that does suit us better. There are a couple of people at work I might have feelings for. Fickle, I know, and I wouldn't say anything while I'm in a relationship, but we'll see.


The following is an extract from a diary I kept of my experiences while suffering from depression.

The next couple of weeks were a bit of a blur - clumsy +++ memory - atrocious!! Spaced out feeling coming and going, almost like 'fugue states'. Though, at times I felt like a fraud...

Am I really ill enough to be off work? I don't really feel like there is anything wrong with me... am I just making (pathetic) excuses for myself? I tried to keep myself busy - walks into town, bits of housework - though I often came across half-finished jobs I had forgotten I'd started! All the while feeling that spaced out unreal kind of feeling. Then came the train journey.


I met the love of my life tonight. Big statement I know, but I have fallen head over heels for him. The stars never shone so bright!


Failed my driving test for the third time today! Absolutely gutted. The driving instructor was wearing some 1950s fluorescent jacket, put me right off! Got a D for dangerous so it's not all bad - makes for a good story. Parents weren't happy - they say I don't listen and now I've got to pay for the next exam myself... rubbish!


We set off for Skye again for another boat trip. The sun was out, but grey clouds loomed over our destination. There were about 20 passengers on the small boat. We were dressed like we were about to spend a week trekking in the Antarctic! We saw at least 100 white seals lolling on the rocks, waving their flippers and preening themselves and looking at us with their round brown puppy-dog eyes...

Dad led us a spectacularly squelchy route across the bogs - and the rest of the walkers followed! I sunk up to my ankles. The wind rose. It threatened to whip our crisps away and the hats off our heads. I accidentally spilt coffee on Mum. Then it started to rain. It suddenly wasn't quite so fun. Then began a wild journey back across the waves.


We met by the river, just in front of the Eye, and it was good to see him again. We didn't have much of a plan for the day so we wandered across the river and up to Oxford Street. After that we weren't really sure what to do. We were going to have some lunch and we were just thinking about where to eat when we came across Hyde Park. I saw the park and I knew what would happen if we lay down together there, and I wanted it; somehow I knew he wanted it too. It was warm and sunny, unseasonably so, and we stretched out side by side on the dappled grass.

We talked and talked, and I made a really long daisy chain, which he picked the daisies for. Whenever he handed me one, our fingers would sort of linger. What happened next felt like a dream, because it was so silent and serene. My hand was on his hand - we weren't holding hands then, just my fingers resting on his palm. Then, and it was completely quiet, neither of us said anything, we just stroked each others' hands and fingers; I ran my hand up and down his arm very gently; I could hardly breathe. I could feel his fingertips trace my palm, and I ran my hand up his arm and across his chest, and then back, slowly.

My head was right next to his and I touched his hair. I giggled a little, and then I kissed his cheek. He turned his head gently over and I kissed his lips. My first kiss, and it couldn't have been more special.

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